At the Welcome Address at the start of autumn semester 2016, Executive Dean Manderscheid shared an update on the development of the college’s strategic roadmap. As part of this roadmap, our vision — our destination — is to be the best College of Arts and Sciences in the country; the leader in teaching and learning, research and creative activity, and outreach and engagement.

The intent of our planning process is to expand the roadmap into a five-year strategic plan to chart our path forward as the leading College of Arts and Sciences, a powerful champion for liberal arts education — on campus and beyond.

Planning Focus

Going forward, we will focus on two elements of strategic planning:

  • clarifying our current state by examining our greatest strengths and challenges
  • defining direction and goal setting

Planning Principles

Develop a Plan that …

  • Addresses challenges and aspirational goals
  • Helps differentiate ASC/OSU on a broad playing field
  • Supports far-reaching planning and day-to-day decision-making
  • Is flexible enough to address needs and shifts in our environment
  • Provides definition to demonstrate successes and accomplishments
  • Promotes collaboration and transparency

Aligned with the University's Planning Process

University planning will align with President Drake’s 2020 vision, which is broadly focused on access, affordability and excellence; community engagement; and, diversity and inclusion.

The timeline for the development of the college strategic plan will closely follow the university’s planning process.

2017 Planning Timeline

Phase 1: January – March

  • Survey, Focus Groups

Phase 2: April – May

Phase 3: June – September

  • Plan alignment with university strategic plan and finalization
  • Rollout with Annual Welcome Address, Sept. 20 at 9:30 a.m. at the Ohio Union in the U.S. Bank Conference Theatre