Communications Services Project Request

Please provide as many details as possible to clarify the needs and scope of your project, projects are reviewed weekly and assigned an asccomm project lead There is no charge for the services we offer, however your unit is responsible for all production costs.

Project Info and Timelines

Please review the project information, provided below, before submitting a project request. Please call or email us if you have any questions. For any of the projects, you will need to provide

Project Types: Event Promotion || Print Media || Promotional Items/Advertising 
or E-Communications || Social Media || Website Development

  • Primary Contact information for the single point of contact for this project. This contact is responsible for gathering assets and facilitating edits/reviews.
  • Details describing the needs and scope of your project, such as a desired deadline; estimated budget, target audience and brief description.

Project Types

Event Promotion

Estimated Timelines

We will be happy to meet with you to better determine your needs and develop a timeline for your Event.


Because Event planning may require some of all the different types projects, please review all their respective timelines and requirements to get an estimate of what is needed to plan an event.

Print Media

Estimated Timelines

Large pieces: 12 weeks, from assigned start date through delivery/mailing ie magazines/newsletters.
Smaller pieces: 8 weeks, from assigned start date through printing ie brochures, postcards, etc.

Examples of Print Media

Newsletters; Magazines; Brochures and/or Flyers; Folders; etc.

Promotional Items / Advertising

Estimated Timelines

2 weeks, from assigned start date through artwork delivery.

  • You are to contact vendor and determine item size and/or Artwork specifications AND Coordinating production.
  • Provide ASC Communications with copy and images (for advertising)
  • You will Submit final artwork for Trademark and Licensing (T&L) approval (form will be provided)
    Final artwork for promotional items and apparel must be approved by University Communications and Trademark and Licensing (T&L). If the artwork is not approved we will work to adjust designs.
Promotion Types

Merchandise/Promotional Items; Advertising; Branding/Brand Management; Other


Estimated Timelines

e-invitations/announcements: 3 weeks, from assigned start date through delivery
e-newsletters: 6 weeks, from assigned start date through delivery


All lists will need to be gathered by the requesting unit.
We can provide set up assistance and templates for a unit-managed Mailchimp account.

Types of E-Communications

Online Newsletter; HTML Email; Invitations; Photo & Video for Web; Other

Social Media Development and Support

Estimated Timelines

Timelines are more variable for social media as some items can be turned around quickly via an extended meeting between project contact and ASC project coordinator.


May vary greatly depending on what help is needed.

Type of Social Media Help

Strategic Planning; Setup; Support; Other

Website Development, Support and Usage

Estimated Timelines

Timelines are dependent on current status of web production; as well as on needs and experience of all involved parties.


Vary greatly, again dependent on current status of web production; as well as on needs and experience of all involved parties.

Website Project Types

Website Creation; Support & Training; Website Audit; Consultation & Strategy; Content Development; Graphic Design (website design, banners, etc.); Other

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