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We provide creative solutions to help you connect with your audience and successfully promote your department, center, initiative, program or event.

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We are a team of professionals with decades of diverse experiences in communications, marketing and design. We are dedicated to promoting the College of Arts and Sciences and telling the individual stories within our departments, centers and institutes.

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Web Communications

No matter how big or small your area, we deliver quality websites that allow you to manage your own content and to showcase and promote your people and programs.

Contact us to request a site.

Websites are an integral communications and marketing tool and the public face of your area. We have developed web standards that create an aligned platform delivering a comprehensive web solution for Arts and Sciences. Our Standard Theme supports brand consistency to increase user recognition of ASC sites as being part of one family and for navigational and content consistency. Built with a Content Management System (CMS), Drupal, it empowers you to manage your own content. We can support your group through the entire web delivery process – from content review and training through site theming, framing and launch.

Support and Training

Web support, in the form of training, online documentation and personal support, help you to understand how websites work, how to update and edit sites using our Drupal Content Management System (CMS) and how to best manage the information you provide on your website. We will help you to organize and analyze your content so that it is presented accessibility and in a manner most usable to your viewers.


Vary greatly, again dependent on current status of web production; as well as on needs and experience of all involved parties.

Website Project Types

Website Creation; Support & Training; Website Audit; Consultation & Strategy; Content Development; Graphic Design (website design, banners, etc.); Other

Print Materials

Collateral Materials

Competition for the best and brightest students, donor dollars, and research funding is at an all time high. We can help you create collateral materials to showcase the strength of your program or area — recruitment brochures, direct mail, invitations, give-away items, posters, banners, folders and more.


Newsletters are a great way to build relationships and encourage conversation with alumni and friends. We will provide writing, editing, and design services, in print, via web, or html e-newsletters. From concept and design through budget and mailing, we can help you through the process.

Estimated Timelines

  • Large pieces: 12 weeks, from assigned start date through delivery/mailing (i.e. magazines/newsletters)
  • Smaller pieces: 8 weeks, from assigned start date through printing (i.e. brochures, postcards, etc.)


Email communications are becoming increasingly popular, but there's a lot to think about ... mailing lists, responsive design, open rates, adapting your writing style from print to web/html styles we can help with all of that. We can set up communication pieces and issue them, or, if you send out messages often, we can help you set up your own HTML messaging account and design templates.

Estimated Timelines

e-invitations/announcements: 3 weeks, from assigned start date through delivery
e-newsletters: 6 weeks, from assigned start date through delivery


All lists will need to be gathered by the requesting unit.
We can provide set up assistance and templates for a unit-managed Mailchimp account.

Types of E-Communications

Online Newsletter; HTML Email; Invitations; Photo & Video for Web; Other

Event Promotion and Media Relations

Want to promote an event or craft a media release? We're here to help. We can work with you to identify the best vehicles to get your message out -- on campus, in Columbus and beyond.

Estimated Timelines

We will be happy to meet with you to better determine your needs and develop a timeline for your Event.

Promotional Items & Advertising

We can help you develop the artwork needed for give-away items to both meet university brand standards and to meet the product specifications. If you need to identify advertising or create artwork for an advertisement, we can also provide design support.

Estimated Timelines

2 weeks, from assigned start date through artwork delivery.


  • You are to contact vendor and determine item size and/or Artwork specifications AND Coordinating production.
  • Provide ASC Communications with copy and images (for advertising)
  • You will Submit final artwork for Trademark and Licensing (T&L) approval (form will be provided)
  • Final artwork for promotional items and apparel must be approved by University Communications and Trademark and Licensing (T&L). If the artwork is not approved we will work to adjust designs.

Strategic Communication Planning

We create plans to most effectively reach your audiences.

Perhaps you want to do some or all of the following: recruit top students, engage alumni, increase news coverage, raise your profile, create buzz for events, provide basic program information, or simply freshen and update existing information.

The first step is to help you assess and define your communications needs (internally and externally), audience demographics, goals, and expectations.

Then we can work with you to create the most effective and appropriate methods and venues for engaging your intended audience(s) to maximize positive results.

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