Office of Undergraduate Recruitment

The Office of Undergraduate Recruitment has a dual mandate to provide both support on matters of undergraduate recruitment to the College of Arts and Sciences and to strategically link underrepresented students to campus resources.

154 Denney Hall
164 W. 17th Ave. Columbus, OH 43210
Tel: (614) 688-4394
Fax: (614) 292-7068

Recruitment Services for Staff and Faculty

As the office within the College of Arts and Sciences tasked with undergraduate and graduate recruitment, we serve as the college liaison to Undergraduate Admissions and The Graduate School, organize college-specific events, coordinate divisional academic sessions for daily visits and represent and coordinate participation at off-campus events.

We offer a number of other services to our faculty, staff and community partners at the college, department and major level, including:

  • Recruitment and informational webinars
  • Recruitment best practices workshops
  • Targeted print materials
  • Short- and long-term recruitment campaigns
  • Targeted email outreach


  • Chinwe Okpalaoka

    Chinwe Okpalaoka,
    Director of Undergraduate Recruitment

    Chinwe Okpalaoka provides leadership and coordination for undergraduate recruitment in the College of Arts and Sciences. Chinwe collaborates with the Undergraduate Admissions (UA) to develop and implement recruitment programs and activities to increase undergraduate enrollment and to support college and university enrollment goals. Chinwe supports undergraduate recruitment efforts within various College of Arts and Sciences units by providing prospective and admitted students data, developing and coordinating events and initiatives, including marketing and coordinating student visits. In her direction of diversity services, Chinwe helps develop, direct and maintain programs to advance the mission and vision of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Office of Undergraduate Recruitment, relative to the recruitment, transition and retention of underrepresented student populations.

  • Michael Waite

    Michael Waite
    Assistant Director of Undergraduate Recruitment

    Michael Waite’s provides support services for all facets of the Office of Undergraduate Recruitment's mission. His primary role is data gathering and analysis (for both internal and external audiences), but he also manages the communication flow to prospective students and their families, spearheads transfer and regional campus change student recruitment, works with Arts and Sciences Center for Career and Professional Success, and helps manage the fiscal operations of the office. Michael also acts as the College’s primary contact person for prospective students interested in visiting one of its programs.

  • Angelette Anderson

    Angelett Anderson
    Program Manager

    Angelett Anderson is the Program Manager for the Program for Advancing Scholarship & Service (PASS). PASS is a competitive program for students in the College of Arts and Sciences interested in diversity as it relates to academics, leadership development, career preparation and community service. She is also the advisor for three student organizations. These include Never Let Your Pen Dry, an organization dedicated to poetry and creative writing, Say Hi, an organization dedicated to strengthen student unity across campus and Scarlet and Grace Notes, an all girls acapella group. Angelett also manages the Office of Undergraduate Recruitment Student Ambassador Program.