Who Does What for Chairs & Directors

Revised August 24, 2016

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Recruitment of New Faculty

Annual Request for Departmental Hiring Requests

(Tenure Track Faculty)

  • Submission of Plans from Chairs: Divisional Deans’ Assistants
  • Review and Prioritization: Divisional Deans
  • Review Space/renovation Issues: Sergio Soave
  • Approve Searches: David Manderscheid

Search Committee Diversity Training

  • Patrice Dickerson

Job Postings

  • HR Managers/Divisional Deans Diversity

Evaluation of Applicant Pools

  • Divisional Deans

College Interviews for Prospective Tenure Track Faculty

  • Schedule All Candidates, Including Those from Regional Campuses, with Divisional Deans (Tina Henkin as Back Up): Divisional Deans’ Assistants
  • Schedule Senior Candidates with Dean Manderscheid (Susan Williams as Back Up): Linda Keith Upon Notification by Divisional Deans’ Assistants
  • Schedule Discovery Theme Hires with DT Focus Area Leader: DT Focus Area Assistant
  • Campus Information Packets: HR Managers

Letters of Offer

  • Preparation: HR Managers
  • Approvals: John Nisbet, Divisional Deans, David Manderscheid
  • Consultation About Unusual Offers, Senior Offers, Promotion and Tenure: Susan Williams

Joint Appointment MOUs

  • Creation and Approval Routing: HR Managers
  • Approvals: Divisional Deans

Special Opportunity Hires

  • Assistance with Data About Diversity in Individual Units: Patrice Dickerson
  • Review of Individual Proposals: Divisional Deans
  • Approver: David Manderscheid
  • Initiate Request to OAA for Funding: Divisional Deans in Consultation with David Manderscheid

Lecturer and Other Associated Faculty Appointments

  • Approval: Chairs; Divisional Deans as Requested
  • Questions About Appointment Types: Susan Williams
  • Templates, Guidelines, Advice on Appointment Dates: HR Managers

Onboarding of New Faculty/Chairs

New Faculty Orientation

  • New Faculty Orientation: Susan Williams, Tina Henkin
  • Speakers: David Manderscheid, Susan Williams, Divisional Deans

Chair Training

  • OAA Program: Kay Wolf
  • ASC New Chair Orientation: Susan Williams, Tina Henkin
  • Brown Bag Peer Group for New Chairs: Tina Henkin
  • Liaison to University Leadership Programs: Susan Williams
    • CIC Academic Leadership Program Nominations: Divisional Deans
    • PPLI Nominations: Divisional Deans
    • Letters of Nomination, Financial Arrangements: Susan Williams

Governance Documents

  • College Approver and Screener: Susan Williams
    • Write and Post Revision Guide: Susan Williams
    • Tracking: Meg Piasecki
    • Consultation on Specific Criteria: Divisional Deans
    • Extensions to OAA Deadlines: Divisional Deans to Kay Wolf
    • Record Keeping of Documents that Have Been Superseded: Departments

PI Status

  • Submit Requests for Approval: Christopher Hadad (via Beth VanGundy)
  • Submission for OR Approval: Christopher Hadad

Graduate Faculty Status

  • Graduate Chair Submits to the Graduate School

Performance Reviews (Annual Reviews)

Annual Reviews of Faculty

  • Annual Guidance Template: Tina Henkin
  • Questions About Process: Tina Henkin
  • Review of Content: Divisional Deans as Needed During AMCP/Budget Process

Chair and Center Director Annual Review and Reappointment Review

  • Template for Annual Review and Reappointment Review Survey: Susan Williams
  • Conduct and Write Annual Review: Divisional Deans
  • Notification of Chairs About Expectations of Reappointment Review: Divisional Deans
  • Interview Candidates: Divisional Deans and David Manderscheid
  • Approve Offer Letters: Divisional Deans, John Nisbet, David Manderscheid
  • OAA Approval of Offer Letters: HR Managers
  • Master List of Terms and Approvals: Meg Piasecki

Annual Reviews of Deans

  • Template and Process Management: John Nisbet, Scott Burlingame
  • Review Meetings: Direct Supervisor

Reappointment Reviews for Endowed Chairs/Eminent Scholars

  • Questions About Process Guidelines: Susan Williams, Tina Henkin
  • Reappointment Review: TIU Head (Initiate Process and Receive Report)
  • Approval: Divisional Deans, David Manderscheid

Promotion and Tenure

General Questions About Promotion and Tenure Processes

  • Tina Henkin (in Consultation with Susan Williams, Divisional Deans, and OAA as Needed)

Review of Dossiers

Fourth Year Review, Tenure Reviews, Promotion to Full Reviews

  • Annual Guidance Documents: Susan Williams, Tina Henkin
  • Dossier Preparation Assistance: Tina Henkin
  • Review of Potential External Evaluator Lists: Tina Henkin (with Divisional Deans)
  • Initial Screen of Dossiers: Tina Henkin
  • Records Management (Initial Intake of Dossiers/Documents to OAA): Meg Piasecki
  • Schedule Review Panel Meetings, Document Processing: Divisional Deans’ Assistants
  • Draft Review Panel Letters: Divisional Deans in Conjunction with Review Panel Readers
  • Dean’s Letters: Dean Manderscheid, Susan Williams, Meg Piasecki (Distribution)
  • Expedited Reviews for Promotion and Tenure: Divisional Deans, Approval by David Mandersheid
  • Submission of Requests for Senior Hires with Tenure to OAA: HR Managers

Requests for Extension of the Tenure Clock

  • Chairs Submit to Divisional Deans’ Assistants
  • Signature Approval for Childbirth/Adoption: Tina Henkin or Susan Williams
  • Approval for Reasons Other than Childbirth/Adoption: Divisional Deans
  • Faculty or Chair Questions About Process/Policy: Tina Henkin
  • Submission to OAA: Divisional Deans’ Assistants
  • MOUs for Modification of Duties: HR Managers; Signed by Chairs, Divisional Deans

Promotion and Tenure Workshops for Faculty

  • Promotion and Tenure Workshops for Faculty: Susan Williams, Tina Henkin

Transition of Research in View

  • Transition of Research in View: Tina Henkin

Faculty Leaves

Faculty Professional Leaves

  • Screener: Susan Williams
    • Submissions: Meg Piasecki
    • Approval: Divisional Deans
    • Notification of College Approval to Chairs: Divisional Deans’ Assistants
    • Letter to OAA: Susan Williams
    • Record Keeping (Application Receipt and Routing to OAA): Meg Piasecki
    • Notification of Board Approval to Faculty: Susan Williams, Meg Piasecki
    • Payroll Issues Related to External Funding Sources: Andrea Ward Ross

Unpaid Leave Personal, Professional, or Entrepreneurial Leaves

  • Approval: Divisional Deans
  • Receipt of Requests: Divisional Deans’ Assistants
  • Submit/Track OAA Approval: HR Managers

Special Assignments

  • Approval: Divisional Deans (by Consultation with Chair via Course Inventory Process)
  • Tracking: Ren Leaflight via Course Inventories, Meg Piasecki via Leave Database
  • Submission of HRAs: HR Managers

Course Inventories (for Planning for Leaves and Course Releases)

  • Disseminate and Track Data: Ren Leaflight
  • Review Inventories: Susan Williams, Divisional Deans
  • Check/Oversight of Low Enrollments: Steve Fink

Retention, Resignation, Retirement of Faculty

Requests for Emeritus Faculty Status

  • Approval: Divisional Deans
    • Intake: Divisional Deans’ Assistants
    • Check Eligibility: HR Managers
    • Route to OAA: Divisional Deans’ Assistants
    • Space Requests: Sergio Soave

Counter Offers

  • Approval: Divisional Deans, John Nisbet, David Manderscheid
    • Individual Preparation/Tracking: Divisional HR Managers
    • Consultation About Drafting of Unusual Offers: Susan Williams
    • Report to Divisional Deans’ Group about Counter Offers: John Nisbet
    • Approval to OAA: HR Managers


AMCP Process

  • Manage and review spreadsheets: HR managers
  • Review/approve AMCP requests: divisional deans
  • Exceptions: David Manderscheid
  • Distribute final increase information to departments: HR managers
  • Enter AMCP increases into PeopleSoft: HR managers

Salary Appeals Process

  • Set Cohort; Review and Decide on Chairs’ Recommendations: Divisional Deans
  • Appoint and Liaison to Salary Appeals Committee: Susan Williams
  • Data Collection on Research Expenditures (if Applicable): Andrea Ward Ross
  • Final Decision of Appeals that go to Committee: David Manderscheid
  • Process Salary Appeal Increases: HR managers

Awards and Prizes

External Awards and Prizes - Nominations and Applications

  • College Contact for Departments: Tina Henkin
  • College Contact for Office of Research (Jeff Agnoli/Ethan Barnhardt): Tina Henkin
    • Coordination with ASC Communication (for Stories and Notices): Tina Henkin
    • Letters of Nomination: Chair or Departmental Awards Committee
    • If Dean or Provost Letter Needed, Chair Provides Draft to Tina Henkin
    • College Nomination Letter Writing: Susan Williams

Tracking External Awards

 For Congratulations and Office of Research Annual Event

  • Contact for Office of Research: Tina Henkin
  • Contact for Informing College of New Award: Tina Henkin

Distinguished University Professor Applications

  • Approver: David Manderscheid and Divisional Deans (Sign Letters)
    • Application Receipt and Routing: Divisional Deans’ Assistants
    • College Letter of Nomination: Susan Williams
    • Request External Evaluations: Divisional Deans’ Assistants

University Teaching, Service, Scholar Awards

  • ASC Contact: Tina Henkin
    • Information on Deadlines/Reminders to Chairs: Tina Henkin
    • Letters of Endorsement: Divisional Deans

Endowed/Donor-Funded College Faculty Awards

  • Rodica Botoman Award for Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching: Valarie Williams
  • Paul W. Brown Excellence in Teaching Award: Valarie Williams
  • Harlan Hatcher Arts and Sciences Distinguished Faculty Award: Tina Henkin
  • Susan M. Hartmann Mentoring and Leadership Award: Tina Henkin
  • Joan Huber Award: Jan Box-Steffensmeier
  • Ratner Award for Teaching in Arts and Humanities: Susan Williams

Other College Awards

  • Honors Faculty Service Award: Megan Toohey
  • Outstanding Teaching Award (ASC Student Council): Ann Rottersman

Outreach and Engagement

Coordination, Reporting, and Oversight

  • Coordination, Reporting, and Oversight: Peter Hahn
  • New Service Learning Course Proposal Grants: Steve Fink
  • Science Sundays: Beth VanGundy
  • Town/Gown Arts Partnerships: Valarie Williams
  • Table Sponsorships: Valarie Williams
  • K-12 Partnerships: Valarie Williams (Outreach), Steve Petrill (Research Proposals, Grant Applications)
  • University Campus Art and Memorials Committee: Peter Hahn, Valarie Williams

Research Support

Internal Grants (Regional/ASC Small Grants Program)

  • Application Receipt and Routing: Steve Petrill, Andrea Ward Ross
  • Internal Review/Panel Convener: Steve Petrill
  • Final Review/Approval: Steve Petrill in Consultation with Divisional Deans

External Fellowship Subsidies for Arts and Humanities

  • Approver: Peter Hahn
    • Screener and Write Letters of Approval: Steve Petrill
    • Contact for Questions: Steve Petrill
    • Record Keeping (Application Receipt and Routing): Meg Piasecki
    • Fiscal Management (Contracts with Other Institutions): Mark Miller
  • Record Keeping for Subsequent Research Outcomes: Betsy Ludwig

Fellowship Applications Requiring Institutional Approval Prior to Submission

  • General Contact: Andrea Ward Ross
  • Those that Require Promise of External Fellowship Subsidies: Steve Petrill
  • Those that Require Qualitative Letter of Endorsement: Divisional Deans
  • Record Keeping for Subsequent Research Outcomes: Research Team

Grant Writing Workshops

  • Grant Writing Workshops: Steve Petrill

Fellowship Workshops and Consultation

  • Fellowship Workshops and Consultation: Susan Williams

Limited Submissions Information

  • Limited Submissions Information: Steve Petrill

Waiver of F&A Costs Policy

  • Waiver of F&A Costs Policy: Andrea Ward Ross

Policy on Course Buy Outs

  • Policy on Course Buy Outs: John Nisbet

Grants Management

  • Grants Management: Andrea Ward Ross
    • Cost Sharing
    • PA 005
    • Grant Equipment Transfers

Compliance and Reporting

Consulting Approvals for Faculty

  • Submission: Divisional Deans’ Assistants
  • Approval: Divisional Deans

Financial Conflict of Interest Forms

  • Approval: Divisional Deans via Electronic System

Research Misconduct

  • Liaison to Jennifer Yucel’s Office: Susan Williams and Christopher Hadad
    • Assistance with Discovery: Andrea Ward Ross

Public Records Requests

  • Liaison with OSU Public Records Requests: Grace Chanfrau, HR Managers

Disciplinary Complaints (HR Investigations, 04 Process)

  • General Employee Relations Issues: Scott Burlingame, Grace Chanfrau, HR managers
  • Liaison to College Investigation Committee: Susan Williams
  • Consultation About Starting an 04 Process: Susan Williams

Diversity Reporting

  • Diversity Plan Tracking and Implementation: Patrice Dickerson
  • Diversity Inventory Tracking: Patrice Dickerson, Grace Chanfrau

Graduate Studies Support

General Questions

  • General Questions: Jan Box-Steffensmeier

Continuous Enrollment

(3 credit hours of tuition and fees for each qualifying resident student who is actively pursuing research away from the university; must not be eligible for Graduate School Matching Tuition and Fee Awards)

  • Applications (on ASC website): Submit to Jenifer Rasor

Graduate Matching Tuition and Fee Awards

(available through the Graduate School to graduate students who receive a competitive stipend from a grant or other funding agency (either faculty grants or Fulbrights, etc.) that does not cover tuition and fees; grad School pre-approval is necessary two weeks ahead of grant proposal submission)

Graduate Fellowship Application Waivers

(need to be requested in advance of nomination in fellowship system)

  • ASC Contact: Jenifer Rasor

Graduate Data Reporting

  • Contact: Jenifer Rasor

Diversity Recruitment in Graduate Studies

  • Contact: Jan Box-Steffensmeier, Marcela Hernandez


General Questions

  • General Questions: Steve Fink

Submission of New Courses, Course Changes, New Programs

Submission of Program Changes

  • Submitted by Email to Garett Heysel (A&H) or Deborah Haddad (NMS, SBS)

Development of Distance Learning Courses and Programs

  • Development of Distance Learning Courses and Programs: Steve Fink

Assistance with Curriculum Proposals and Approval Process

  • Bernadette Vankeerbergen, Deborah Haddad (SBS, NMS) Garett Heysel (A&H)


  • Danielle Hogle, Deborah Haddad (SBS, NMS) Garett Heysel (A&H), Steve Fink

Data and Business Intelligence Requests

  • Ren Leaflight, With CC: to Deborah Haddad

Global Engagement

(includes study abroad; international agreements)

  • Global Engagement: Garett Heysel


Main ASC Website

  • Overall Strategy/Direction: Libby Eckhardt
  • Faculty/Chairs Resources Page: Tina Henkin, Susan Williams
  • Research: Steve Petrill, Christopher Hadad
  • Policies Page: Susan Williams, John Nisbet
  • Faculty Awards: Tina Henkin
  • Suggestions for Faculty Profiles/Highlights: Tina Henkin
  • Suggestions for Student Highlights: Ann Rottersman

Department Websites

  • Development, Support, Training: Libby Eckhardt

Announcements for Student Newsletter

  • Announcements for Student Newsletter: Ann Rottersman

Major Committees

College Faculty Committees/Appointment and Liaison

  • Investigation Committee: Susan Williams
  • Salary Appeals Committee: Susan Williams
  • Arts and Sciences Senate: Mary Ellen Jenkins
  • IT Oversight Committee: John Nisbet, Tim Smith
  • Faculty Advisory Committee: David Manderscheid; Back Up: Susan Williams; Election: Linda Keith
  • Arts and Humanities Research Committee: Steve Petrill, Peter Hahn
  • Divisional Promotion and Tenure Panels: Jan Box-Steffensmeier, Christopher Hadad, Peter Hahn

College-Level Administrative Representatives to University Committees/Offices

  • Council of Deans: David Manderscheid, Jan Box-Steffensmeier, Christopher Hadad, Peter Hahn
  • Provost’s Leadership Team: David Manderscheid
  • Senior Management Council: David Manderscheid
  • University Senate: David Manderscheid and divisional deans
  • Senate Fiscal: David Manderscheid, John Nisbet
  • Senate Steering: David Manderscheid
  • Senior HR Officers: Grace Chanfrau
  • Senior Fiscal Officers: John Nisbet
  • Senior Diversity Officers: Patrice Dickerson
  • Senior Information Officers: Tim Smith
  • College Research Officers: Christopher Hadad/Steve Petrill
  • Curriculum Associate Deans: Steve Fink
  • Council on Academic Affairs: Steve Fink
  • Academic Program Advisory Committee: Steve Fink
  • International Affairs Committee: Steve Fink
  • Graduate School: Jan Box-Steffensmeier
  • Outreach and Engagement: Peter Hahn, Valarie Williams
  • Postdoctoral Advisory Council: Marcela Hernandez
  • Faculty Resource Network: Susan Williams, Tina Henkin
  • Research in View Transition Working Group: Tina Henkin
  • Discovery Themes Executive Committee: David Manderscheid, Susan Williams
  • Physical Planning: Sergio Soave
  • University Communications Group: Libby Eckhardt
  • University Campus Art & Memorials Committee: Peter Hahn, Valarie Williams

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