Request for Nominations: The President and Provost’s Leadership Institute (PPLI)

Leadership Development for Emerging Academic Leaders


The ninth PPLI cohort, August 2017 through December 2018. The Women’s Place, under the auspices of the Office of Academic Affairs and in collaboration with the Office of Human Resources, developed the President and Provost’s Leadership Institute as part of its mission to create a climate conducive to women’s opportunities for success. The institute focuses on long-term faculty leadership development.


To provide women and faculty members from underrepresented groups the opportunity to improve their abilities as faculty leaders in the broadest sense. Majority men are also welcome to participate and we have had several men in each cohort.

Who is Eligible

  • Clinical or tenured faculty at the associate professor level or higher who
    • do not currently hold significant leadership positions, but who may be in a position to do so within five years, or
    • are new to administrative positions.
  • Each college, regional campus, and the libraries is guaranteed at least one participant in each cohort; we welcome multiple nominations, especially from the larger colleges (for example, Arts and Sciences and Medicine).

It is important that the faculty members chosen to participate in the PPLI be individuals with real leadership potential and interest – people that deans and directors would turn to when leadership positions become available. TIU heads should be prepared to adjust workloads to account for the effort involved in the Institute.


The cost of the program for each participant, to be borne by the participant’s college, is $2,500 for the full 18 month program. OAA subsidizes the remaining costs.


Close of business, Friday, April 26th, 2017.


The dean or vice provost and director, University Libraries, submits the nomination letter, naming the nominee and confirming that both the nominee and the nominee’s unit head support the nomination. The Nominee mush also submit a statement of interest. The nominations and statements should be submitted electronically to Jennifer Beard, Director of The Women’s Place, at

Faculty are chosen and notified, either by their deans or, in the case of faculty in University Libraries, by the vice provost and director of University Libraries.