Staff Advisory Council

The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) is a standing committee of the College of Arts and Sciences. It is comprised of 12 regular staff members from across Arts and Sciences who applied and were selected for two-year staggered terms. This diverse council will be convened to advise administration on staff issues, administer staff awards, and facilitate staff development grants, among other tasks.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Arts and Sciences (ASC) Staff Advisory Council is to serve the Executive Dean and Divisional Deans as a staff advocacy body and provide staff input into College decision-making.  Specifically, the council seeks to: foster communication between staff and administrators; promote a positive and innovative work environment; recognize the needs and interests of the staff as they relate to the missions of the College of Arts and Sciences and The Ohio State University.

Staff play a crucial role in the functioning of the College of Arts & Sciences (ASC). Currently, 853 staff are employed in the college. These staff contribute to the success of 38 departments; 27 centers; 18 initiatives, programs, institutes, and schools; and 13 museums, galleries, and labs. Arts & Sciences staff occupy 34 buildings and can be found across campus.