Staff Advisory Council Application

Become a member of the Staff Advisory Council by applying below for a two (2) year term, starting in July.

The ASC Staff Advisory Council seeks to: foster communication between staff and administrators; promote a positive and innovative work environment; recognize the needs and interests of the staff as they relate to the missions of the College of Arts and Sciences and The Ohio State University. We do this by helping staff gain greater access to professional development opportunities within the college and across the university. We also work to enhance the visibility of staff performance through our commitment to staff recognition programs and staff support and appreciation events. Some of the programs and events sponsored by the council include:

As a member of the council you will collaborate with other staff members who share a common goal of contributing to a positive work experience for all Arts and Sciences staff!

Deadline: May 5, 2017

Qualifying Questions
You must currently hold at least a 75% Full-time equivalency (FTE)  at The Ohio State University for this position.
You must have been employed within the OSU College of Arts and Sciences for at least two years or more as of this July.
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