The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) is comprised of 12 staff members from across the College of Arts and Sciences (ASC) who applied and were selected for one- or two-year staggered terms. The SAC serves in an advisory capacity to the ASC administration, manages the staff development and awards processes, and offers professional development and other activities specifically designed for staff working across the college.

The SAC meets monthly, typically in 156 University Hall. Meetings are open to any ASC staff member, and all staff are encouraged to attend as frequently as they are able. If you plan to attend an upcoming meeting, please email one of the SAC co-chairs so that we can ensure adequate space for all of our guests.

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Professional Development

The Professional Development Subcommittee is working to help staff members gain greater access to career related opportunities within the college and across the university. The opportunities across campus are bountiful!  So providing you with news of the best resources out there whether they be workshops, training sessions or simply by way of sharing information of interest, know that we are here for you! In addition, you have resources to help you along the way such as applying for a Staff Development Grant.  We are also focused on developing ways to build strong working relationships.  We like to encourage staff members to work hand in hand with their supervisors to develop a career plan that will empower you and increase your skills and productivity in the workplace.

Recruitment & Membership

The Recruiting and Membership Subcommittee is responsible for the recruitment, selection and orientation of new members.  While the official recruitment process takes up a couple months out of the year, our many goal during the rest of the year is to enhance our visibility.  We do this through our presence at university and college functions and providing promotional items to staff at college events.  Out next big project is "Operation: Brownie" so keep an out as your department may be next on our list…

Staff Appreciation

The Staff Appreciation subcommittee is responsible for administering the Outstanding Staff Award, as well as several events designed to promote unity among the staff of the College.  Additionally, these events reiterate the commitment of the College to the morale of the staff as well as recognition of the hard work and dedication our staff show consistently.

Bylaws of SAC

I. Name

The name of the council is the College of Arts and Sciences Staff Advisory Council (ASC SAC).

II. Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Arts and Sciences (ASC) Staff Advisory Council is to serve the Executive Dean and Divisional Deans as a staff advocacy body and provide staff input into College decision-making.  Specifically, the council seeks to: foster communication between staff and administrators; promote a positive and innovative work environment; recognize the needs and interests of the staff as they relate to the missions of the College of Arts and Sciences and The Ohio State University.

III. Membership

  1. Regular Members

The council is composed of fifteen regular members.  The council membership shall always include at least one member from each ASC Division and at least one member from the non-academic units.  The ASC SAC seeks to maintain a diversity of membership and viewpoints.  Members shall be selected by the Recruiting and Membership Subcommittee of ASC SAC for two-year staggered terms, commencing July 1.  Seven members shall be selected in odd-numbered years and eight members shall be selected in even-numbered years.

  1. Eligibility

To be eligible to serve on ASC SAC, an individual must have at least two years of work experience in the Arts and Sciences; have a 75% FTE or greater appointment as Classified Civil Service, Unclassified Administrative and Professional, or Senior Administrative and Professional; and not be in a position that reports directly to the Executive Dean.

  1. Selection

Staff who would like to serve on the ASC SAC should respond to an annual Call for Nominations distributed by the Recruiting and Membership Subcommittee.

  1. Vacancies

Council membership vacancies that arise shall be filled by the Recruiting and Membership Subcommittee within two months or via the annual selection process, if it is underway.

  1. Subcommittee Assignments

All Council members shall submit their individual membership requests to the ASC SAC Co-chairs in June.  Subcommittee membership decisions will be announced at the first full meeting in July.

IV. Officers

  1. Titles

Three members of the ASC SAC will serve as two co-chairs and one secretary each serving a one year term beginning in July and running through the following June.

  1. The duties of the Co-Chairs are to:
  • Facilitate and foster an open, inclusive, and positive atmosphere
  • Call meetings and set the agenda
  • Preside over and conduct the meetings in accord with accepted meeting procedures
  • Aid the subcommittee chairs in setting the goals and priorities of the subcommittees
  • Monitor that the bylaws are followed
  1. The Secretary's duties are to:
  • Record minutes
  • Maintain archives in an electronic form
  • Act in place of the Co-Chairs in their absence

V. Meetings

  1. Frequency

An organizational meeting shall be held in July to determine the meeting schedule and council assignments. The ASC SAC shall meet with the ASC Executive Dean at a minimum of once per academic term.

  1. Quorum

A quorum shall consist of an officer and a simple majority of ASC SAC.

  1. Voting

The council shall strive for consensus decision-making. On issues where consensus is not achieved, voting will be conducted per Robert's Rules of Order.

  1. Special Meetings

Either ASC SAC chair shall be authorized to call special meetings. Except in the rare case of an emergency, five (5) business days notice shall be given.

  1. Special Events

An expectation of participation in ASC SAC special events is a significant part of council membership.

VI. Standing Subcommittees

  1. Membership

Members of the subcommittees may be from the ASC SAC or recruited from all ASC staff.

  1. Chairs

The chair of each subcommittee must be a member of ASC SAC. Each Subcommittee shall select a chair from amongst its members for a one year, July to June term.

  1. Recruiting and Membership Subcommittee

The Recruiting and Membership Subcommittee shall be comprised of no fewer than three members and is responsible for the recruitment and selection of new members. This subcommittee shall also provide new member orientation.

  1. Staff Appreciation Subcommittee

The Staff Appreciation Subcommittee shall be comprised of no fewer than three members and, in collaboration with the Executive Dean's office, shall be responsible for the design and administration of the college's staff awards and other staff appreciation events throughout the year.

  1. Communications Subcommittee

The Communications Subcommittee shall be comprised of no fewer than three members and, in collaboration with the Executive Dean's office, works to facilitate communications between staff, administrators, and other staff advisory groups within the Arts and Sciences.

  1. Professional Development Subcommittee

The Professional Development Subcommittee is comprised of no fewer than three members and, in collaboration with the ASC Office of Human Resources, works to facilitate the organization and administration of staff professional development programs within ASC.

VII. Special Projects

Ad hoc subcommittees to address special issues may be formed at the concerted discretion of the ASC SAC Chairs. The chair of an ad hoc subcommittee shall be a council member.

VIII. Amendment of Bylaws

These Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the council by a majority vote of the full council. Suggested amendments shall be submitted to the Co-Chairs for distribution to the full council no later than three working days prior to the next business meeting.