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Above and Beyond Buckeye Award

Executive Dean David C. Manderscheid and the Arts and Sciences Staff Advisory Council (SAC) announce the new Arts and Sciences Above & Beyond Buckeye initiative to recognize arts and sciences staff members who go above and beyond and who are doing great work each and every day!

Each month, Dean Manderscheid and the SAC will surprise a nominated and selected staff member with $200*. 

A call for nominations of deserving staff members will be included in the first News and Updates of each month (Wednesday).

Monthly nominations from faculty and staff must be submitted online by filling out the Above and Beyond Buckeye Nomination Form and sending it to ascsac@osu.edu.

The council will begin recollecting nominations in August.

We will make our surprise visit at the end of the month!

*Under the Internal Revenue Code, the university is required to report taxable income for all financial incentives that a faculty/staff member or his/her S/SSDP receives. Therefore, you will be taxed if you choose to accept the $200 prize (approximately 30%.)

For more information, please email ascsac@osu.edu.

Past Award Winners

April 2015

Margie Farrell, Senior Lab Demonstrator, Physics

Maggie Farrell and David Manderscheid.

March 2015

Matt Moffitt, Lab Manager, Sociology

Matt Moffit and David Manderscheid.

February 2015

Sarah Hughes, Program Coordinator, School of Communication

Sarah Hughes.

January 2015

Kevin Dill, Building Services Manager, Chemistry 

Kevin Dill and David Mandersheid.

December 2014

Dori Jenks, External Relations Coordinator, Dance

Dori Jenks and David Mandersheid.

November 2014

Natascha Miller, Academic Program Coordinator, Germanic Languages and Literatures

Natascha Miller and David Mandersheid.

October 2014

Katie Reed, Executive Assistant to the Director, School of Music

Katie Reed and David Mandersheid.