With all courses being offered virtually, there's no better opportunity to stay ahead of the curve than summer courses through the College of Arts and Sciences. Regardless of your major, you could be taking College of Arts and Sciences courses this summer to make progress toward your degree.

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Why take summer courses here?

  • Work toward earning your degree faster by taking courses that fulfill for your general education requirements
  • Wide range of courses — all offered virtually — allows you to take classes on your schedule, regardless of where you'll be this summer
  • For Columbus campus undergraduates, summer term instructional fees, and general and non-resident surcharges are discounted 25% compared to autumn and spring semesters
  • Summer courses taken at Ohio State will set you up for success with your degree requirements and best prepare you for the next course in your sequence and upper-level coursework

See the tables below for more information on some of our most popular summer offerings. The most up-to-date schedule can be searched on BuckeyeLink. If a course you are interested in is full, please add your name to the waitlist, as that will help us gauge interest and potentially expand our offerings.

Course Spotlight

History 2213: The Ancient Mediterranean City
Explore cities in the ancient Near East, Greece and Rome with an emphasis on their physical form and historical importance.

GE: Historical Study

Psych 3313: Intro to Behavioral Neuroscience
Dive into the structure and function of the nervous system in relation to behavior.

History 2204: Intro to Modern European History
Examine selected themes from the history of Modern Europe from the French Revolution to the present.

GE: Historical Study, GE: Global Studies

Selected Summer Offerings

Mathematics and Statistics

Course GE
MATH 1148: College Algebra Mathematical and Logical Analysis
MATH 1151: Calculus I Mathematical and Logical Analysis
MATH 1152: Calculus II Mathematical and Logical Analysis
MATH 1172: Engineering Mathematics A  
MATH 2153: Calculus III  
STAT 1350: Elementary Statistics Data Analysis
STAT 1430.01: Statistics for the Business Sciences Data Analysis
STAT 1450: Introduction to the Practice of Statistics Data Analysis


Course GE
ASTRON 1102: From Planets to the Cosmos Physical Science
ASTRON 1141: Life in the Universe Physical Science
BIOLOGY 1113: Energy Transfer and Development Biological Science
CHEM 2510: Organic Chemistry I  
CHEM 2520: Organic Chemistry II  
EARTHSC 1100: Planet Earth: How it Works Physical Science
EARTHSC 1105: Geology of the National Parks Physical Science
EEOB 2520: Human Physiology Biological Science
MICROBIO 4001.01: Basic and Practical Microbiology Biological Science
PHYSICS 1200: Mechanics, Kinematics, Fluids, Waves Physical Science
PHYSICS 1201: E&M, Optics, Modern Physics Physical Science
PHYSICS 1250: Mechanics, Work and Energy, Thermal Physics Physical Science
PHYSICS 1251: E&M, Waves, Optics, Modern Physics Physical Science

Social Sciences

Course GE
ANTHROP 1100: Introduction to Anthropology Culture and Ideas; Organizations and Polities; Global Studies
ANTHROP 2201: Introduction to Archaeology Individuals and Groups; Global Studies
COMM 2110: Principles of Effective Public Speaking  
COMM 3597.02: Media and Terrorism Global Studies
ECON 2001.01: Principles of Microeconomics Human, Natural and Economic Resources
ECON 2002.01: Principles of Macroeconomics Organizations and Polities
GEOG 1900: Extreme Weather and Climate Physical Science
GEOG 2750: World Regional Geography Human, Natural and Economic Resources; Global Studies
PERSIAN 3350: Iranian Society Today: Internal Conflicts and Social Movements Individuals and Groups; Global Studies
POLITSC 1200: Introduction to Comparative Politics Organizations and Polities; Global Studies
POLITSC 1300: Global Politics Human, Natural and Economic Resources; Global Studies
POLITSC 2300: American Foreign Policy Organizations and Polities; Global Studies
PSYCH 1100: Introduction to Psychology Individuals and Groups; Social Diversity in U.S.
SOCIOL 1101: Introductory Sociology Organizations and Polities; Social Diversity in U.S.
SOCIOL 2210: Sociological Aspects of Deviance Individuals and Groups
SOCIOL 3302: Technology and Global Society  

English and Writing

Course GE
ARTEDUC 2367.03 Criticizing Television Writing; Social Diversity in U.S.
ENGLISH 1110.01: First-Year English Composition Writing
ENGLISH 2260: Introduction to Poetry Literature
ENGLISH 2261: Introduction to Fiction Literature
ENGLISH 2264: Introduction to Popular Culture Studies Cultures and Ideas
ENGLISH 2367.01: Language, Identity and Culture in the U.S. Experience Writing; Social Diversity in U.S.
POLITSC 2367: Contemporary Issues in American Politics Writing

History, Culture and the Arts

Course GE
ARABIC 2241: Contemporary Arab Cultures: Arts, Mass Media, Society Cultures and Ideas; Global Studies
CLAS 2220: Classical Mythology Literature; Global Studies
FRENCH 1803.01: Paris Cultures and Ideas
HISTORY 1151: American Civilization to 1877 Historical Study
HISTORY 1152: American Civilization since 1877 Historical Study
HISTORY 2015: History of American Criminal Justice Historical Study
HISTORY 3014: Gilded Age to Progressive Era, 1877-1920 Historical Study; Social Diversity in U.S.
HISTORY 3301: History of Modern West Africa, post 1800 Historical Study; Global Studies
HISTART 2901: Introduction to World Cinema Visual and Performing Arts; Global Studies
ITALIAN 2055: Mafia Movies Visual and Performing Arts
MUSIC 2252: History of Rock ‘n’ Roll Visual and Performing Arts
MUSIC 2254: Video Game Music Visual and Performing Arts
NELC 2220: Introduction to South Asian Studies Cultures and Ideas; Global Studies
NELC 3625.02: Understanding Bollywood, Knowing India: Hindi Cinema Since 1960 Cultures and Ideas; Global Studies
PHILOS 1100: Introduction to Philosophy Cultures and Ideas
RUSSIAN 3355.99: Vodka in Russian Society and Culture: Deconstructing Myths Cultures and Ideas; Global Studies
RUSSIAN 3460.99: Modern Russian Experience through Film Visual and Performing Arts; Global Studies
WGST 2230: Gender, Sexuality and Race in Popular Culture Visual and Performing Arts


Course GE
Arabic 1101.01: Elementary Modern Standard Arabic I Language
Arabic 1103.01: Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic I Language
GERMAN 1101.51: German I - Self-Paced Language
GERMAN 1102.61: Beginning German II (Self-Paced Distance Learning) Language
GERMAN 1103.51: German III - Self-Paced Language
SPANISH 1101: Spanish I Language
SPANISH 1102: Spanish 2 Language
SPANISH 1103: Spanish 3 Language

Get a jump start on a certificate

In preparation for 21st century demands for those working across sectors (including government, industry and nonprofit), the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion certificate is ideally positioned to prepare you as a thought leader and sharpen your skills to address emergent issues related to our increasing diversity.

Courses available in summer 2020 term:

Course GE
SOCIOL 3463: Social Stratification: Race, Class and Gender Human, Natural and Economics Resources
WGST 1110: Gender, Sex and Power Culture and Ideas; Individuals and Groups; Social Diversity in U.S.
COMPSTD 1110: Introduction to the Humanities: Cross-Cultural Perspectives Literature; Global Studies


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