Internships are short-term training programs that involve participation in planned, supervised work.  Because internships center upon the application of classroom knowledge to the workplace, employers typically seek those who are further along in their degree programs, most often focusing their recruitment efforts on sophomores and juniors, for their internship programs. 


You know you have potential, but employers want to know you can perform in the workplace and quickly contribute to their organizations. Completing an internship helps you demonstrate your value, and may provide a direct path to employment upon graduation. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers 2015 Internship & Co-op Survey, employers reported converting an average of 51.7 percent of their eligible interns into full-time hires.

Many students discover that participation in an internship leads to a better understanding of their career interests as well as mentoring relationships with people who are established in their target career fields. As an additional benefit, you have the option of obtaining academic credit for the experience. 

Skills you can gain

Finding an internship is a dress rehearsal for finding a job, when searching you will discover employers who hire in your target career field, learn how to interview effectively and experience how networking can yield essential job leads. 

During the internship, you will most likely be assigned project work that involves collaborating with others, an experience that will refine your communication, problem-solving and teamwork skills.

Starting Your Search

Handshake, part of Buckeye Careers, is an online resource for Arts and Sciences students to connect with internship sites in the corporate, nonprofit and government sectors that are interested in recruiting Ohio State students. Handshake has internship opportunities available during every term of the school year. But be sure to plan ahead when starting your search, especially for summer internships, which have deadlines as early as November.

Student Profiles

  • Antonia Tribuzzo

    Antonia Tribuzzo


    "My favorite part of the internship was absorbing as much information and wisdom as I could from the staff and fellow volunteers.  It is amazing how much there is to know about our world and its creatures."

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  • Zachary Maiorana.

    Zachary Maiorana

    English and Linguistics

    "I study what I study because it interests me and because I like to learn about languages and literature more than I am interested in communication classes. At the same time, my classes have taught me editorial and professional skills that I have put to use in my internship."

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  • Amber Moore

    Amber Moore


    "I really enjoyed shadowing coworkers in several labs within the facility. It was very exciting for me to see firsthand the variety of positions that are available within the microbiology field. I also enjoyed the hands-on experience of being in a lab. It was incredible that I was able to put my knowledge of microbiology to use in a professional setting."

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  • Grace Bowen

    Grace Bowen

    Industrial Design

    "I got a first hand view of what art production is, how to work for a public park and non-profit organization, and a view into the New York gallery scene, all of which I may be interested in pursuing in the future."

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  • Rosenthal

    Bryan Rosenthal

    History & Russian

    "As an intern I had the opportunity to rotate through several different divisions within the U.S. embassy. Each division had a unique role and together these experiences gave me the chance to experience a broad array of functions that engage our overseas embassies."

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  • Derek DuPont

    Derek DuPont


    "There are many ways this internship better prepared me as a professional. I learned how to interact with other professionals both by observing my supervisors and by engaging in communication."

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