There are a variety of peer mentor programs within the College of Arts and Sciences.

Just to list a few: 

  • Students assist with resume reviews and use of Handshake as peer career advisors
  • Psychology majors serve as peer mentors for entering majors
  • Math majors tutor their peers at the Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center
  • Honors students at the sophomore, junior and senior levels serve as a resource for first-year students in the Arts and Sciences Honors Program


Mentoring other students is a great way to accomplish multiple career goals at once:  you’ll gain direct knowledge about a profession that interests you, establish a working relationship with an Ohio State faculty or staff member who can provide you with a letter of recommendation, and obtain valuable experience for your resume.

Skills you can gain

Peer mentor experience is transferable to fields such as higher education/student affairs, counseling, advising and teaching. 

Specific skills you will develop include enhanced listening skills, ability to give effective feedback, management of referral information, and – in some cases – crisis management.

While completion of a graduate degree is most often needed to obtain employment in the higher education/student affairs, counseling, advising, and teaching fields, having worked as a peer mentor will demonstrate your commitment to advancing your qualifications toward these professions.   

Starting your search

Handshake, part of the Buckeye Careers Network, is an online resource for Arts and Sciences students to explore a variety of positions for strengthening their resumes and for finding career employment positions when they get closer to graduating. 

Not all of the college’s peer mentor positions are posted in Handshake, so you’ll also want to contact your academic advisor about other opportunities that they might know about.

Getting support

Opportunities to mentor your peers beyond Ohio State also exist. You can meet with a career prep advisor in Arts and Sciences Center for Career and Professional Success to obtain assistance with finding a these positions, evaluating how an opportunity you’ve discovered might support your career goals, and preparing your application materials.