Maybe you are looking for short-term service projects to support a community during a semester break. Or, maybe you have an idea for a service project and are looking for a local organization to partner with during the school year. There are many ways to get involved in service learning.


Students who take service learning courses often experience the curriculum as being more engaging.  Many report an increase in motivation to complete the coursework, often because there is a direct link between the assignments and the “feel good” factor associated with helping a community or taking action that allows them to feel like they have made a difference in the lives of others.

Skills you can gain

Participation in service learning will provide hands-on experience that will allow you to connect with community members who you can impact your skill and career development in a variety of ways. Because service learning often involves collaborative project work, you will be able to practice communication and teamwork skills and provide evidence that you can take initiative and are reliable. You’ll also be able to practice networking skills, meeting people who you can connect with to explore internship or job opportunities.

Starting your search

You can easily identify these courses by viewing the course list maintained by the Office of Service Learning. Each service learning course is designated with an "S" suffix in the Course Catalog.  

Before enrolling in a service-learning course, you are strongly encouraged to discuss with your academic advisor how completion of a particular course will impact your degree plan.  

Learn about service learning opportunities

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