Gold Rush

Gold RushGold Rush = an Arts and Sciences scavenger hunt for Ohio State undergraduate and graduate students

How to play:

  1. Like ASCatOSU on [Fb] to get clues
  2. Find tickets around campus
  3. Claim [Au]some prizes* (gift cards to Raising Cane's, Chipotle, Target, Five Guys or Panera)

*Limit: one gift card per student

Spring 2016: April 5 - 7

April 5

Gold Rush 1

1. ‪Do want to create and explore art and ideas through the production, examination and evaluation of the visual arts? This is the place for you! (Art)

2. Do you desire to enhance your global career opportunities and to increase your ability to communicate with speakers of different languages? You will want to make your way here… (Hagerty Hall)

3. This Center provides state of the art studios for animation, motion capture, interactive design, media production and mediated performance design. (ACCAD)

4. This space hosts one of the premier programs of its kind in the United States and is at the forefront of contemporary modern dance through choreographic and performance exploration, creative use of technologies and reimagining the documentation of dance traditions. (Dance)

5. René Descartes once described this are of study as, “… a more powerful instrument of knowledge than any other that has been bequeathed to us by human agency.” Come find your Gold Rush card at the Tower devoted to this department! (Mathematics)

April 6

Gold Rush 2

1. This department allows you to take classes on Dracula and The Walking Dead, Richard II, and Game of Thrones. Study 1984 and Halo. Immerse yourself in the classics of yesterday and today will looking for this clue... (English)

2. This department is one of the nation's leading programs in political psychology, a strong program in political economy, a developing presence in formal theory and political theory, and a new program in race, ethnicity, and gender. Good luck! (Political Science)

3. This department's primary mission is to critically engage cultural meaning through excellence in research, policy, teaching, and leadership that fosters social change and advances the public interest through the arts and visual culture. (Arts Administration, Education and Policy)

4. This Department boasts the most extensive offering of African languages (Swahili, Zulu, Twi, Somali and Yoruba) found at any university in the US! (African American and African Studies)

5. Be sure to say hello to Jeff the seven-foot-tall giant ground sloth skeleton when you enter this building to find the Gold Rush card! (Orton Geological Museum)

April 7

Gold Rush 3

1. This new research building is quickly becoming one of our favorite spots on campus! (Physics Research Building)

2. When do new companies start up? Why is unemployment so high? What determines interest rates or inflation or stock prices? This department answers questions like these. (Economics)

3. You don't even have to be inside of this building to admire design... (Hayes Hall)

4. While you are here, pick up your tickets for Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street this weekend! (Drake Performance and Event Center)

5. The final ticket is just at our doorstep... come get it and then come see us for your prize! (Derby Hall)

Spring 2015: March 31 to April 2

March 31

Weather: Sunny and windy

Spring 2015 Gold Rush Clues, Day 1

  1. Are you interested in interdisciplinary research that considers the ways gender, class, race, ethnicity, sexuality, ability and age, shape and are shaped by culture and society? (Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies)
  2. Would you like to explore questions in genetics, molecular biology, cell biology and developmental biology using viruses, fungi, plants, and animals, with strengths in model organisms and genetic systems? (Molecular Genetics)
  3. Do you dream of developing methodology for data acquisition and analyzing the science of decision making under uncertainty? (Statistics)

April 1

Weather: Sunny and perfect

Spring 2015 Gold Rush Clues, Day 2

  1. Would you like to explore study of living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, evolution, distribution and taxonomy? (Center for Life Sciences Education)
  2. Do you crave advanced study across the spectrum of time? (Department of History)
  3. Want to perform in front of thousands of people, explore educational methodology or conduct ground-breaking research? (School of Music)

April 2

Weather: Rainy

Spring 2015 Gold Rush Clues, Day 3

  1. Want to jump-start your career in the sciences, health sciences or engineering all while fueling Ohio’s economy? (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)
  2. Are languages your thing? This department provides cultural instruction to over 10,000 students a year. (Department of Spanish and Portuguese)
  3. Do you dream of going far beyond the Oval and gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of other peoples and cultures? (International Studies)

Spring 2014: April 1-3

April 1

Weather: Sunny and perfect

Spring 2014 Gold Rush Clues, Day 1

  1. Want to know what key pathways in the brain control emotion, attention, self-control? (Department of Psychology)
  2. Ever think about what drives the universe? (Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics)
  3. Would you like to explore the visual arts? Study ceramics at one of the oldest ceramics programs in the U.S.? Maybe concentrate on painting, drawing or photography? (Department of Art)
  4. Do you like to go stargazing in the middle of the day? (Ohio State Planetarium)
  5. Do you love music? Performance or maybe music theory and composition? (School of Music)

April 2

Weather: Showers and much cooler than yesterday 

Spring 2014 Gold Rush Clues, Day 2

  1. Do you want to know more about the great masters from medieval China to contemporary America? (History of Art)
  2. Do you want to study dance, movement or choreography? Or something really new like dance and technology? (Department of Dance and ACCAD)
  3. Interested in what makes things tick? How biological cells communicate with each other? Ways disease is transmitted, prevented and controlled? (Center for Life Sciences Education)
  4. Do you want to explore whether fiction is still relevant in a data-driven age? (Department of English)
  5. Do you love numbers, charts and graphs? (Department of Mathematics)

Day 3

Weather: Rain, rain and more rain

Spring 2014 Gold Rush Clues, Day 3

  1. Are you interested in Greek and Roman antiquity? (Department of Classics)
  2. Do you see yourself as an educator, healer, researcher, innovator — finding a cure for cancer? Inventing/creating "smart" materials to transform the world? (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
  3. Interested in what determines interest rates or inflation or stock prices? (Department of Economics)
  4. Do you dream of making discoveries that make a difference in real-world problems of global energy, environmental impacts, food production and water supplies? (School of Earth Sciences)
  5. Want to investigate gun control, immigration, the environment, civil rights? (Political Science)

What students are saying

So I can stop haphazardly searching every floor now? Yay! This was a good one. — Meghan P.

Certainly a worthy test for a graduating senior. Now I've definitely earned my diploma. — Ricky G.

Where was the clue? We were in the building ... but couldn't find it! — Aiswarya D.

I've had way too much fun with this today… — Brittany G.