Win the Dean's $$ for Spring Break

Dean Manderscheid wants to make spring break even better!
Dean ManderscheidTo enter:

  1. Follow @dmanderscheid on Twitter
  2. Between March 1-8, tweet why you love being an arts and sciences* major along with #ASCbucks
  3. Dean Manderscheid will choose his favs: one first place winner will receive $100; two second place winners will receive $50

*Must be an ASC Student to win Dean Manderscheid's $$

Why ASC?

So many reasons why our students love the arts and sciences. They posted on Twitter using #ascbucks for a chance to win Dean Manderscheid's money.

2017 Winners

{Winners: Haylee, Jo and Lijuan with Dean Manderscheid before heading off to break}

First Place, Haylee Gardiner:

I ❤️ ASC because it allows me to push the boundaries between what is proven true and challenge myself to create something unknown. #ASCbucks

— Haylee (@HayleeGardiner) 

Second Place, Jo Kilbane Myers:

I <3 ASC because I can learn about evolution in one course, gender inequality in another, and everything in b/t in the same day #ASCBucks

— Jo (@jokilbmyers) 

Second Place, Lijuan Hu:

@dmanderscheid ASC is #diversity! Being an international transfer student, I enjoy embracing different ideas. ASC feels like home! #ASCbucks

— Lijuan (@hu_lijuan)



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2016 Winners

Congrats to the #ASCbucks Winners: First prize, @cszuch025; Second prizes, @CeleanaLambing & @EmmaSings05

— David Manderscheid (@dmanderscheid) 

Win the deans money winners

[2016 Win the Dean's $$ winners and Dean Manderscheid]

First Place, Christina:

@dmanderscheid, With ASC, science and art are in harmony, not opposition. I can study both books and brains, plots and personality. #ASCbucks

— Christina (@cszuch025) 


Second Place, CC:

I love my major! In a world of lingual diversity, arts & sciences are the 2 languages spoken everywhere in the world #ASCbucks @dmanderscheid

— CC (@CeleanaLambing) 


Second Place, Emma:

Thanks to @ASCatOSU and @dmanderscheid I can fulfill my dream of becoming a true intellectual, a scholar! #ASCbucks

— Emma (@EmmaSings05)

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2015 Winners

First Place, Caroline:

Second Place, Taylor:

Second Place, Matthew:

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2014 Winners

2014 Win the Dean's $$, Carol and Dean Manderscheid

First Place, Carol:


Second Place, Ahmad:


Second Place, Becca:


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