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About PASS

The Program for Advancing Scholarship and Service (PASS) is a selective first-year academic learning community for Arts and Sciences students who have a shared interest in the academic, cultural, career and community benefits of diversity. PASS links you with your community and peers in ways that ensure academic success and engagement. PASS offers you all the benefits of a small college experience — personalized guidance and support — with the kinds of great opportunities available only at a large university.

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PASS Programs

Pass Early Arrival

The PASS Early Arrival program gives incoming PASS students a jumpstart to their Ohio State experience. As a participant, you’ll be able to move on to campus before the rest of the campus community. Recruitment and Diversity Services pays your housing and most of your food expenses for the weekend; PASS Early Arrival is offered at no cost to you.

During Early Arrival, you’ll not only have the opportunity to begin building relationships with Arts and Sciences staff, you’ll also start building lifelong friendships with your peers. The weekend’s events include a community service project, community building activities and opportunities to learn more about what to expect during your first semester at Ohio State.

PASS was the driving force behind my success at Ohio State. From additional academic advisement and priority scheduling to enriching modules about important topics/issues, PASS has allowed me to experience many of the benefits that Ohio State has to offer. The service learning projects throughout Columbus have also allowed me to learn about and give back to my community as well as form close bonds with fellow PASS scholars who have become some of my closest friends. To me, PASS is a never-ending ‘pay it forward’ program that only enriches my life.

—Seleena Moore, Dover, DE

Peer Leadership Program

Peer leaders are second- or third-year PASS scholars who serve as positive role models for first-year students. Peer leaders will engage and support you in academic achievement, co-curricular involvement and leadership. This unique team of peers and professionals provides you the opportunity to enrich your Ohio State experience in a supportive environment.

The peer leader experience through PASS has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my second year. It gave me an opportunity to develop my leadership skills in an environment where I am comfortable and not under a large amount of pressure. I’ve learned so much and sincerely enjoyed my time getting to know this amazing group of first year students.

— Kieran Duhl

PASS Keys for Success

As a PASS scholar, through engagement in five key areas, you will learn about the value of diversity to your undergraduate experience, its relevance to your academic success and career and its impact on your community and the world beyond.

Academic Support

PASS offers you opportunities to benefit from the knowledge of Ohio State faculty through engagement in learning and critical intellectual pursuit, both inside and outside the classroom. PASS weekly meetings provide the context for dialogues centered around current affairs.

As a peer leader PASS has given me the opportunity to connect personally with a group of mentees to help them through their college career. It has also given me the opportunity to positively impact not only the campus but Columbus as a whole.

— Jourdan Jones-Peoples


We work with you to strategically link and translate the experiences, skills and knowledge you receive at the university to the graduate, professional and work world beyond Ohio State. Through workshops, career development initiatives and internships, PASS assists you to effectively prepare yourself for your future.

As an introverted student, PASS exposed me to great people with diverse perspectives and helped me develop as a leader, a feat I didn’t know I was capable of.

— Marissa Farinas


PASS seeks to build community — engaging students, staff and others in a mutually supportive and challenging collaboration through which friendships are forged, mentoring relationships are developed, leaders emerge and lives are positively influenced.

As an out of state student, PASS has become the home away from home that helps keep me grounded and sane in this fast pace college life.

— Monique Garcia-Singleterry


PASS helps you translate scholarship, skills and knowledge to the larger community — the fundamental charter of a land-grant institution and the mark of good citizenship. We offer several opportunities throughout the academic year for you to give back to your community.

As a peer leader, I’ve gained the skills and experiences to guiding students like myself who were once in my situation. This experience has given me more access to things on campus I never knew existed and I have to say that’s what I love about PASS and being a peer leader.

— Lia Desta


Great leaders aren’t born — they’re made, and Recruitment and Diversity Services takes an active role in helping create these leaders of the future. We accomplish this by sponsoring training and leadership workshops for those who want to take a more active role in the world around them.

PASS was such an integral part of my undergraduate career at Ohio State. I was able to join the organization my freshman year, and I am still involved with it my senior year. This is what makes PASS so great. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be involved with such an awesome organization and am appreciative of the experiences PASS has offered me.

— Ciara Travis

To Apply to PASS...

Students must currently be admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences as new first-year students for autumn semester (Columbus campus).

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  • Priority scheduling. Schedule classes before many other freshmen.
  • Academic trips locally, nationally and abroad. Travel to places such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and London.
  • Competitive application. Join other great scholars in an exclusive organization.
  • Peer leaders. Meet with scholars who serve as positive peer role models.
  • Community building. Connect with other students who share similar interests.
  • Scholars teams. Work as a team to accomplish goals.
  • PASS newsletter. Receive important updates about PASS, academic opportunities, scholarship information and much more each week via email.
  • Weekly meetings. Participate in roundtable discussions, leadership development initiatives, health and wellness workshops, etc. — all designed to promote your academic and personal success.

Scholarships and Grants

Roth Family Endowment—International Travel Grant

To encourage the international travel of undergraduate Arts and Sciences students who are active in Recruitment and Diversity Services programs, Roth Family Endowment Grants are awarded on a competitive basis, with preference given to students who have not previously traveled abroad.


You must be active in PASS. Academic achievement and financial need may be considered. For more information about the Roth Family Endowment, please visit

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award is a one-time award of $500 given to ten deserving applicants annually. The selection committee has the discretion to bestow more or fewer awards, in greater or lesser amounts, depending on the pool of applicants. Students are eligible to receive the Rising Star Award only once, with new students selected each year.


You must be completing your first year of undergraduate enrollment, have an excellent academic record and have participated actively in Recruitment and Diversity Services programs or other campus programs in support of scholastic achievement and active campus involvement. For more information about the Rising Star Award, please visit

The Collaboration Experience (TCE)

PASS has partnered with University Residences and Dining Services to form TCE. Together, we encourage student involvement in learning communities, offering you the opportunity to make the world your classroom.

MUNDO Learning Community is a unique community of students, staff and faculty committed to understanding and taking actions that create a more fair and just world for all individuals and regions. MUNDO provides opportunities for you to achieve both academic success and strong cross-cultural awareness of the world.

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Recruitment and Diversity Services
Arts and Sciences
161 Denney Hall
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Columbus, OH 43210-1371
(614) 688-4394

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