The Rising Star Awards

The Rising Star Awards support programs in Arts and Sciences Office of Undergraduate Recruitment, which serves Ohio State’s undergraduate minority and under-represented student population. The awards are part of the College of Arts and Sciences recruitment, retention, and recognition program for undergraduate students.

Consistent with the university’s mission, the Rising Star Awards, funded from the general Arts and Sciences Scholarship Fund, shall be used to support educational diversity at the university. The fund shall be used to provide up to ten undergraduate awards to be given to students at the end of their first year of enrollment in furtherance of the university’s diversity agenda with particular attention to, but not limited to, students from underrepresented groups who participate actively in Recruitment and Diversity Services programs.


This award is designed to support ten one-time awards at $500 each, but the committee has the discretion to award more or fewer awards, and a greater or lesser amount of dollars for each award, depending on the pool of applicants. The awards will be one-time awards with new students selected each year.


First year students: Eligible students are those who have declared majors in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Necessary criteria for eligibility: 

  • GPA 3.0 or above and completed resume (resume help can be obtained from Arts and Sciences Career Services in 48 Townsend Hall).

Other criteria that will be considered at the committee’s discretion:

  • Outstanding participation in the Program for Advancement in Scholarship & Service (PASS) (using sign-in sheets & other attendance record)
  • Active involvement in other campus organizations - special attention will be paid to diversity-related organizations (documentation from organization official)
  • Demonstration of initiative evidenced by internships, leadership in campus organizations, steps towards research and study abroad, interest in PASS peer leadership, and any additional input from peer leader about any student who has demonstrated superior leadership skills.
  • Active participation in community service

Application process

Students will self-nominate using the  application form.pdf

Proof of campus and/or community participation from organization leaders

Recommendation letter from someone who can speak to your academic performance (academic advisor, faculty member, teaching assistant, etc.)

Any other documentation you think might help

Selection Committee

Award recipients will be chosen by a selection committee in the College of Arts and Sciences. The university may modify any selection criteria should the criteria be found, in whole or in part, to be contrary to federal or state law or university policy.

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