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Students who are traveling independently to education abroad in order to conduct research or creative work may apply for funding.  In order to be eligible, the student must be working with an OSU faculty member and receiving academic credit as part of the independent education abroad. Students traveling as part of an OSU-approved program should not ask a faculty member to submit this supplement.  The OIA education abroad search engine lists all programs that are OSU-approved programs.  OIA Search Engine

The Independent Travel Supplement is to be completed by the Ohio State faculty member who is overseeing the academic component of a student's independent education abroad and awarding the academic credit the student will be earning.  This supplement is required in addition to the student’s application and the faculty recommendation. You will need to know the student's name.# (e.g. buckeye.123) in order for this form to be correctly matched with the applicant.

You will need to know the student's name.# (e.g. buckeye.123) in order for this form to be correctly matched with the applicant.

Travel Warning Policy and Supplemental International Insurance

In countries under a current Department of State Travel Warning or other locations designated high risk, undergraduate students cannot use scholarship awards for education abroad programs and/or individual international projects outside of venues approved by Ohio State. Approved programs are communicated on the OIA website via the education abroad search engine.

Graduate and professional students may petition the International Travel Policy Committee for approval a minimum of three months prior to proposed travel. Countries currently on Department of State Travel Warning can be viewed online. For further information on the policy and/or the petition process, please contact Dru Simmons, international risk manager, (, Office of Risk Management and Insurance.

Ohio State students traveling to international locations for the purpose of education abroad, undergraduate or graduate/dissertation research, internships or independent study are required to enroll in the university’s supplemental international insurance which is provided through HTH Worldwide. The insurance includes coverage for medical, evacuation, repatriation, emergency assistance, and political security and natural disaster. Students participating in education abroad programming coordinated through the Office of International Affairs are automatically enrolled in the supplemental international insurance. Students who are traveling abroad independently may enroll on-line for the supplemental insurance. Instructions are available online.

Contact - Ann Rottersman, Director of Student Programs,

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