Spring 2014 Department of Art Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Projects Exhibition at Urban Arts Space. Photo by Ada Matusiewicz.

The Arts Initiative supports a global community of arts educators through collaborative alliances with state, national and international organizations advancing the daily impact of the arts on the city of Columbus. The Arts Initiative at Ohio State serves as an umbrella for multiple aspects of the arts on and off campus and facilitates opportunities for faculty and students to exhibit and perform beyond the university community. 

By the Numbers

  • 4 Columbus Alive Best Art Gallery Awards
  • 20+ student assistants and interns every year
  • 400+ exhibited artists per year
  • 4,000+ patrons served by Town and Gown Committee Partnerships
  • 5,000+ patrons reached by Royal Shakespeare Company initiatives
  • 27,000+ patrons at Urban Arts Space and Hopkins Hall Gallery 

Community Connections

The Arts Initiative establishes connections with local, national and international arts organizations, companies, institutions and professionals in order to advance the arts community in the greater Columbus area. These alliances provide opportunities for students, faculty, staff and artists to cultivate their own relationships and experiences beyond the university community. 

Urban Arts Space

Lazarus Building, 50 W. Town Street, Suite 130, Columbus, OH 43215

Urban Arts Space challenges ways of thinking about the visual and performing arts and their role in everyday life through conversation, art-making and experimentation. Urban Arts Space encourages transformative experiences that expand worldviews, offers hands-on practical opportunities in the arts and education, and enables career skills to reflect an entrepreneurial culture. Located in the heart of downtown Columbus, Urban Arts Space joins The Ohio State University with the state of Ohio and the world, functioning as an arts laboratory for faculty and artists and serving as a professional launching pad for Ohio State students

Hopkins Hall Gallery

The Ohio State University’s Main Campus, The Oval Hopkins Hall, 128 North Oval Mall, Columbus, OH 43210

Hopkins Hall Gallery provides accessible professional exhibitions for The Ohio State University community, and exhibition opportunities for students in the visual arts. Hopkins Hall Gallery’s location in the heart of the Ohio State campus, and in the main lobby of Hopkins Hall, opens the doors for peer inspiration, collaboration and growth.