The Center for Ethics and Human Values (CEHV) brings together researchers from diverse disciplines to explore the foundations of moral judgment and to promote informed deliberation about issues of public policy that raise ethical issues.

Every advance in the natural and social sciences, each shift in the cultural and political landscape, and every decision we make as citizens and professionals, seems to present us with new ethical challenges. These challenges are also opportunities to shape a better society, a healthier democracy, and a stronger university. Making the most of these opportunities requires the energy and expertise of morally concerned individuals across the University and in the broader community. The task of reflecting on our values, our social relationships, and our political institutions, as well as imagining the social possibilities made possible by new technologies, must be a communal exercise, involving the expertise of researchers from across the University. 

The mission of the Ohio State University Center for Ethics and Human Values aims to foster the collaboration necessary to meet the challenges of the 21st century ethically and in a manner that promotes human values.

The Center will pursue its mission through a variety of specific programs and activities. Together, these programs constitute an ambitious vision to help focus the University and the broader community on the foundational ethical questions that motivate and unify much of the research, teaching, and other work pursued at Ohio State. Although each program and activity will focus on particular ethical issues, a key aim of everything the Center does will be to foster norms of informed and respectful discussion that characterize deliberation in a healthy democracy. These norms are always under threat, and an ongoing role of universities is to represent the social value of free thought, reason, understanding, and tolerance amidst moral disagreement.