We don’t know where you’ll go from here, but we know how to get you there.

Explore, discover and find your fascination in the College of Arts and Sciences, an inclusive community that pushes disciplinary boundaries to meet some of the most challenging problems of our society. 

Here, you’ll receive an affordable education that does not compromise on quality. You’ll learn from some of the world’s most respected faculty and researchers who will guide and challenge you to reach your full potential. You’ll gain the experience — through education abroad, service learning and internship opportunities — that you need to transform yourself and the world.

Where will your journey take you?



The College of Arts and Sciences is often called the academic hub of Ohio State. This isn’t just because of our size. It’s because this is where arts, humanities, and natural, mathematical, social and behavioral sciences can converge in unique and unexpected ways. When we combine different perspectives and expertise, we can better investigate problems through creative and scholarly inquiry, engage in community collaborations, and deliver an exceptional education for our students.

By the Numbers:

  • 38 Departments and Schools
  • 20+ Centers and Institutes
  • 80+ Majors
  • 100+ Minors
  • Instruction in 30 Languages
  • In the 2017-2018 academic year, 989 Arts and Sciences students participated in study abroad
  • Arts and Sciences delivers 48% of all credit hours on campus, undergraduate and graduate
  • 86% of all classes have fewer than 50 students
  • The college has a footprint of 1.5+ million square feet, including labs and innovative learning spaces, in 56 buildings across campus


Because here, it's AND ... not OR

Because here, it's AND ... not OR

Photographer or biologist? Writer or mathematician? Dancer or web developer?

In the Arts and Sciences, we say be both. That’s why we make it easy to combine interests across disciplines. So, mix and match majors and minors from actuarial science to zoology and everything in between. Whatever you do, don't limit yourself.

Check out a sampling of our college's intersections below.