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GEOG 3701: The Making of the Modern World

GEOG 3701 critically investigates the spatial formation and transformation of our modern world. By scrutinizing the forces and concepts of modernity, modernism, and modernization, we will examine what animates the modern world system in order to help students better understand the world we live in, and their place in it.

AFAMAST 2288: Bebop to Doowop to Hiphop – The Rythym and Blues Tradition

Examines the aesthetic and historical evolution of rhythm and blues (black music tradition including bebop, rock and roll and hiphop) that redefined American popular culture post-WWII.

ASTRO 1101: From Planets to the Cosmos

The goals of courses in this category are for students to understand the principles, theories, and methods of modern science, the relationship between science and technology, the implications of scientific discoveries, and the potential of science and technology to address problems of the contemporary world.

LING 3603: Languages Across Cultures

This course examines the relationships between language and culture in different societies with a view to shedding light on cross-cultural similarities and differences.

HISTORY 2680: It’s the End of the World!: Apocalypticism in Christianity, Judaism and Islam

This course will explore how the end of the world—generally understood to be preceded by enormous wars and disasters as well as the judgment of people and a reckoning of their deeds—was imagined over two millennia by Christians, Jews and Muslims.

DANCE 3402: Dance in Global Contexts

Surveys dance forms from around the globe, offering insights into the religious, social, and political functions of dances in their historical and contemporary practices.

MUSIC 2252: History of Rock ‘N Roll

Rated "best GE course on campus" in The Lantern's "Best of OSU" online poll.

ARTEDUC 2520: Digital Artmaking

Introductory study of digital artmaking through interpreting contemporary artists, constructing a language of art critique, and producing images using graphic design software.

PHILOS 2340: The Future of Humanity

An exploration of philosophical and ethical issues concerning the future of humanity. Topics will include climate change, sustainability, population growth, automation and its implications for unemployment, human enhancement and transhumanism, space colonization, artificial intelligence and the risk of human extinction.

HISTART 4825: From Modernism to Manga: Modern and Contemporary Art in Japan

Explore the arts of Japan from 1868-present, covering a wide range of materials, including sculpture, performance art, photography, contemporary painting, and manga.

ANTHROP 3304: The Living Primates

Survey of the behavior, morphology and conservation of living primates; particular emphasis given to field studies and the position of humans within the Order Primates.

EARTHSC 1108: Gemstones

General introduction to gemstones, including the origin of gems, identification techniques, and the history of important gems. Precious metals are also discussed.

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Have an adventure along the way

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