Continuous Enrollment Tuition Awards: ASC Application

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The following documents are required, in a single .pdf file, in the following order:

  • Evidence of external or other relevant funding, including amounts.
  • Brief statement indicating the applicant is aware of the health insurance implications of being away from the university and has made appropriate arrangements with the Student Health Insurance office. Students not on appointment do not receive the health insurance subsidy and are responsible for the full cost of health insurance.
  • Applicant’s CV. 4. Dissertation abstract (50-100 words).
  • Signed letter from Director of Graduate Studies confirming student’s academic status (PhD and in candidacy) and Ohio residency, and indicating the prestige of the external funding and the relevance of time away from OSU to the successful completion of the student’s program.

Make sure that your pdf file is named as follows: continuous-enrollment-tutition-lastname-#.pdf  -- all lowercase
For example: Jane Buckeye.123 would save as continuous-enrollment-tutition-buckeye-123.pdf.

Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
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