Integrated Major in Math and English (IMME)

The Integrated Major in Math and English (IMME) is a an innovative program designed to prepare students with high-level skills in both Mathematics and English stressing an integrated, complementary mastery of these disciplines. Four Mathematics concentration areas are available: Finance/Actuarial, Applied, Math Pre-Education, and Theoretical. These are combined with a strong foundation in English including composition and methods, and an opportunity for students to choose electives matching their interests.

IMME majors take a capstone course that provides an opportunity to integrate and apply the full range of knowledge and skills they have acquired through their previous coursework to real-world practice. This capstone course combines both professional development and leadership seminars and a capstone project on a topic chosen from real-world challenges submitted from community and industry partners. Students who complete this capstone course will have a broader understanding of their own personal strengths and which jobs might require their particular set of skills, thus resulting in a student who is more prepared for entering the workforce.

Are there any selective requirements for admission? 
No, although the initial courses have prerequisites.

What kind of student would this program be good for? 
The IMME is a good major for ambitious students seeking a challenge and who wish to develop both strong mathematics and communication skills.


Math Pre-Education

Finance / Actuarial

Applied Math

Theoretical Math