African American and African Studies (BA)

African American and African Studies (AAAS) is nationally renowned for its teaching and research on the Black experience in the U.S., Africa and the rest of the African diaspora.
Ohio State has one of the largest African languages programs (Swahili, Twi, Somali and Yoruba) in the U.S. and wide-ranging study abroad programs, including the South Africa Study Program; Afro-Brazilian Culture and History Program; Global May Uganda; and Intensive Swahili Language and Culture Program in Tanzania. 

The AAAS major is designed to critically inform students about the social, political, economic, historical and intellectual experiences of Africans and their descendants throughout the world. Our international are committed to interdisciplinary thinking in exploring the role of race in society and how race relates to class, gender, nationality, ethnicity and ideologies on a global scale.



TauVaughn Toney talks about African American and African Studies from the American Revolution to hip hop.

TauVaughn Toney


The AAAS undergraduate curriculum stresses the skills necessary to think critically and deeply, argue persuasively, problem solve effectively and write clearly. Students are exposed to theory and research in a variety of subject matter and are encouraged to engage in active research and service beyond the classroom.

courses you might take:

AAAS 4571: Black Visual Culture and Popular Media

An examination of African Americans in visual culture and the theories of representation in popular media.

AAAS 1122: African Civilizations, 1870 to the Present

Exploration of the political, social and economic history of colonial and independent African countries, using a variety of interdisciplinary approaches and material.

AAAS 2218 : Black Urban Experience

Examination of contemporary black urban experience focused on the impact of persistent residential segregation, increasing class polarization and the global force of hip hop culture.

AAAS 2288 : Bebop to Doowop to Hiphop: The Rhythm and Blues Tradition

Examines the aesthetic and historical evolution of rhythm and blues: black music tradition including bebop, rock and roll, and hip-hop, redefining American popular culture post-WWII.


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