Art (BFA, BA)

One of the most comprehensive, exclusively studio-based art departments in the U.S., the Department of Art offers undergraduate programs that are recognized nationally and internationally. The department is a community of professional fine artists, dedicated faculty, skilled staff, accomplished visiting artists and engaged students. 

The Department of Art is broad based, discipline intensive and boundary pushing and is a modern laboratory in which to create and explore art and ideas. Through the production, examination and evaluation of the visual arts, the department serves as a place where students and faculty can experiment with material and content, and where a diverse audience can take part in our exhibitions, public lectures and educational programming. The undergraduate degree programs and the minor program are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

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Art provides students with unique, creative approaches to problem solving and project management, and is good preparation for a number of careers. In addition to establishing careers as artists, recent graduates have entered such diverse professions as law, medicine, architecture and fund-raising. Many art majors also eventually find their way into arts administration positions, either within museums, galleries, or public agencies (such as state or city arts councils) or within educational institutions.

courses you might take:

ART 2507: Introduction to Sculpture

An introduction to the principles of sculpture, emphasizing basic forming processes and materials.

ART 2526: Introduction to Lithography and Silkscreen Printmaking

Introductory experiences in the traditional processes of lithography and screen-printing and their application to non-traditional approaches.

ART 2502: Intro to Ceramics - High Fire Techniques

Introduction to the art practices of high fire temp ceramics; lab practices with various modeling and potter's wheel techniques with lectures covering a broad survey of the field of ceramics.

ART 2000: Encountering Contemporary Art

Readings, lectures, discussions and field trips will introduce students to a diverse range of ideas, processes and contexts shaping the experience of visual art today.



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