Film Studies (BA)

A major in Film Studies provides you with the breadth of knowledge and skills needed to pursue careers in the entertainment industry, in film archiving and preservation and in film festival programming. Individuals with a background in Film Studies also go on to work on the staffs of nonprofit organizations, as critics and arts journalists, as independent artists and as teachers.

Film Studies majors engage with the entire culture of cinema, learning to think and write historically, theoretically and critically about film. Film Studies is an interdisciplinary program, which draws on the research and teaching expertise of internationally-recognized faculty from departments across the humanities. Our majors complete core courses in world cinema and the fundamental tools of film analysis; fulfill requirements in early cinema, multicultural film studies and the documentary and experimental traditions; and go on to take a series of elective courses, eventually designating a three course focus area for their studies.

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Traditionally, graduates with a BA in Film Studies pursue higher education in film studies or media-arts production, distribution, funding, archiving, research, journalism, arts criticism and traditional and non-traditional education at a variety of levels including P-12 education. They have been competitive in graduate school acceptance and in job searches nationally in these areas. Students are also prepared for the kinds of positions requiring critical and information-analytical skills in government, nonprofit organizations and industry that are open to other students majoring in the arts and sciences.

courses you might take:

FILMSTD 2270.02: Introduction to Film Studies Online

A 100% online introduction to the field of Film Studies based on a survey of the major theories of film analysis. Prereq: Not open to students with credit for 2270.01 or 2271 (270). GE VPA course.

FILMSTD 4580: Studies in a Major Director

A course in the films, style, themes and career of a single director (ex. John Ford, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrik, Oscar Micheaux and Guillermo del Toro). Prereq: 2271 or 2367.01, and Jr standing, or permission of instructor. Repeatable to a maximum of 6 cr hrs.

FILMSTD 4880: Screenwriting and the Business of Cinema

This course examines screenwriting as both a literary art form and a challenging profession. Prereq: Theatre 5331 (636), or permission of instructor. Not open to credit to students with credit for 680.

FILMSTD 5600: Pathways in Film Practice and Theory

Explorations of the rich interconnections between the understanding and the production of moving-image works. Students will be introduced to alternative modes of the moving image in the context of other modes of artistic expression and critical thought, with the aim of increasing intellectual breadth and production skills. Prereq: 2271, or Grad standing; or permission of program.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Graduates may go on to a wide range of careers, including cinematographer or producer; critic, actor or arts journalist; independent filmmaker; drama coach; film editor or photographer; story editor; sound editor; theater manager or publicist; casting director; community arts worker; film director or film editor; and more.



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