French (BA)

Because of the size of the university and the strength of the French and Francophone Studies program, it offers multiple sections of all three of the introductory courses and a variety of intermediate and advanced courses in language, culture, literature and film every semester. While the program is relatively large for a department of French and Italian (around 100 majors and 200 minors), the class sizes are small (18-30 students per class) and the faculty are easily accessible. Unlike in many departments, each majoring student is assigned a faculty advisor who can help him/her choose courses, identify and fund an appropriate study abroad program, pursue research opportunities and devise a post-graduation plan.

The Department of French and Italian was one of the first departments in the country to offer courses on French-speaking literatures and cultures from outside of France. It currently has several faculty members who teach courses on French-speaking North Africa, West Africa, the Caribbean and Quebec, and on the cultural production of the millions of recent immigrants (and their descendents) in France. The Department of French and Italian is an innovative department that strives to offer a variety of courses each semester to fit students' diverse interests and professional goals.

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French is applicable in a variety of settings in the United States and abroad. Mastery of French allows students to consider careers in education, government, business, print and electronic media, scientific and medical research, and trade and tourism industries. Many employers are eager to hire graduates who are fluent in French because their businesses involve French speakers.

courses you might take:

FRENCH 2501: What's 'French' Anyway?: Multiculturalism in Contemporary France

A spring course on multiculturalism in contemporary France with a ten-day May trip to Paris, Marseille, and Toulouse to attend popular music concerts; learn about immigration and its cultural contributions; and meet musicians, journalists, and filmmakers of international origins.

FRENCH 3501: French for the Professions

An introduction to the language and culture of the work-world in France.

FRENCH 3201: French Literature and Fashion

Through the lens of the history of French fashion from the Middle Ages to the present, improve your reading, writing, and speaking skills by analyzing and discussing full-length French literary works alongside paintings, photographs, and actual garments in the OSU Historic Costume museum.

FRENCH 3103: French Conversation

Practice your oral French in small groups through discussions about current events in France and the Francophone World.

FRENCH 5403: Marseille, the City with a Bad "Rap"

In this course we explore what makes Marseille unique and examine how the representation of this Mediterranean city in popular literature, music, and film provides a new perspective on France. Marseille is the perfect mescla (provençal for mixture) for a multilingual, cross-cultural, transnational and multimedia encounter in our new experimental classroom, where we shall pedagogically test and intellectually tackle burning questions pertaining to “Frenchness” and “foreignness.”



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