Geography (BA, BS)

The Department of Geography at Ohio State is ranked 5th in the U.S. and is internationally renowned. We offer a diverse and challenging curriculum with five distinct specializations and two degree types (BS and BA). We employ a world-renowned faculty and team of researchers who bring their expertise to the classroom. We provide numerous opportunities for students to travel and experience hands-on study and fieldwork at locations across the globe. 

Geographers address current issues of local and global importance, such as urban growth and decline, regional population shifts, societal change and patterns of human activity that effect the physical landscape and climate.

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Areas of Study

Environment and Society Learn More
Urban, Regional and Global Studies Learn More
Spatial Analysis Learn More
Physical Geography and Climatic Studies Learn More

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Students earning a degree in Geography are prepared to pursue careers, research positions and graduate study in a variety of fields. Geography graduates are highly sought-after by employers because of their interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving, their ability to think critically and analyze issues from multiple perspectives and their ability to communicate ideas and thoughts effectively.

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The ability of Urban, Regional and Global Studies specialization graduates to analyze and to integrate various aspects of the Earth’s human and physical environments makes them attractive candidates for positions with planning and development agencies at the federal, state and local levels. Graduates from the Environment and Society specialization have a variety of career options including working for environmental and protection agencies, state Departments of Natural Resources and Conservation and for a range of non-profit agencies.

courses you might take:

GEOG 3751: Geography of Ohio

This field course examines the political ecology of Appalachian Ohio by focusing on four broad topics: forest recovery, mining, food systems and amenity-led development. Students travel to locations in southeast Ohio and explore geographic concepts through hands-on fieldwork and research.

GEOG 5501: Urban Spaces in the Global Economy

Examine the social, economic, cultural, and political processes that produce urban spaces in local, national, and global terms. In other words, learn why cities form the way they do and why this process looks different in different countries across the globe.

GEOG 2800: Our Global Environment

Develop critical perspectives on some of the most pressing socio-environmental concerns, such as global climate change, deforestation and water scarcity. Students become global citizens who do not just witness environmental problems but have the ability to understand and take steps towards changing the status quo.

GEOG 3300: Transportation Security

Explore the importance of transportation to human activity, the major transportation industry and government institutions responsible for addressing transportation security issues and threats to transportation security.

Modern Geopolitical Imagination: GEOG 3601

Explore the neglected, rich and contested tradition of geopolitics, which are the geographical assumptions that structure the knowledge and practice of world politics.



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