History (BA, BA/MA)

Studying history creates comprehension of complexity and diversity. This is an essential skill for negotiating today's multicultural, globalized world. A history major provides students with other skills too: the ability to write clearly and persuasively and to understand complicated events in a nuanced, sophisticated way. History majors learn to read newspapers, political speeches and documents in a critical fashion, a particularly vital skill in today's information-rich world.

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The skills you learn in history—critical thinking, careful reading, well-crafted writing—are essential tools for a wide range of careers: law, teaching, social work, economics, advertising, banking, and government work. History trains you broadly. It opens up possibilities rather than narrowing your focus to a single career.

courses you might take:

HISTORY 2800 / 2800H: Introduction to the Discipline of History

This course features Ohio State history faculty members teaching small numbers of students about the serious study of history. Students have the chance to do the kinds of things historians do, and the level of interaction with faculty is high.

HISTORY 4213: Readings in Byzantine History

Advanced readings on selected topics in Byzantine History. Prereq or concur: English 1110 or equiv, and course work in History at the 3000 level or permission of instructor. Repeatable to a maximum of 6 cr hrs.

HISTORY 2550: History of War

A survey of the main concepts and issues involved in the study of war in world perspective, using case studies from prehistoric times to the present. Prereq or concur: English 1110.xx, or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for 380. GE historical study and diversity global studies course.

HISTORY 3012: Antebellum America

An examination of American history from the nation-building of the age of Jefferson and Jackson to the sectional crisis over slavery. Prereq or concur: Any 2000-level History course, and English 1110.xx; or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for 557.02. GE historical study course.


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