Jewish Studies (BA)

Jewish studies at Ohio State comprises one of the largest and most diverse programs in the country, offering an impressive selection of courses, a multidisciplinary faculty and a wide range of events. We have one of the largest Judaica library collections in the country, with a full-time Judaica librarian and over 300,000 volumes.

Our faculty are internationally recognized in their respective fields, including history, philosophy, political science, music, English, Near Eastern languages and cultures, Germanic languages and literatures, classics, art and education.

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Jewish studies majors are also well prepared to apply for graduate studies in fields such as law, education, business and communal work, as well as prime candidates for rabbinical or cantorial school, theological studies and advanced levels of Jewish studies. Beginning salaries depend on candidates’ skills and experience. Jewish studies graduates find their marketable skills considerably enriched by their humanities education.

courses you might take:

JS 2452: Modern Jewish History, 1700 to the Present

The study of the history of Jewish communities and Judaism from the early modern period to the early 21st century.

JS 3351: Judaism and Ethics

Examination of the relationships of ethics to religion in general and Judaism in particular, emphasizing the place of ethical reasoning within Judaism.

JS 2454: History of Antisemitism

The study of the development of antisemitism, the history of anti-Semitic ideologies and practices and different Jewish responses to antisemitism over time.

HEB 1101-1103: Hebrew Language Courses

Conversation, reading, writing, vocabulary building, phonetics and grammar of Hebrew, reading of passages from various periods of Hebrew literature; review of salient points of elementary grammar & introduction to elements of classical Hebrew and reading of Modern Hebrew short stories, poems, and essays; special emphasis on oral practice and Hebrew idioms.

JS 2242, 2242H: Culture of Contemporary Israel

An introduction to the culture of modern Israel: historical roots, socio-political institutions and developments and literary and artistic creations reflecting the realities of contemporary Israeli society.



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