Modern Greek (BA)

The Modern Greek Program offers a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the Greek world of the last ten centuries, and especially to its contemporary social reality and intellectual achievement. Through a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses, it covers language, literature and culture. Although the program provides a broad liberal arts education and research training, it places particular emphasis on literary studies, critical theory, cultural politics, diaspora (especially Greek-American).

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Modern Greek is applicable in a variety of settings in the United States and abroad. Mastery of Modern Greek allows students to consider careers in such fields as education, government, international trade, banking, print or electronic media, or tourism.

courses you might take:

MDRNGRK 2000: Athens: The Modern City

The history and culture of modern Athens. The way events such as wars and migration transformed the urban fabric of the city.

MDRNGRK 2680: Folklore of Contemporary Greece

A general survey of socio-cultural trends and issues in modern Greece through close examination of ethnographies and other folk expressions.

MDRNGRK 3710: Modern Greek Literature in Translation

Review of the Modern Greek literary tradition of the last two centuries through representative works and from a theoretical perspective.


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