Medieval and Renaissance Studies (BA)

Medieval and Renaissance Studies (MRS) provides a wide-ranging introduction to the pre- and early-modern era, spanning late antiquity to the mid-seventeenth century and reaching from Europe to cultures around the globe. It is adaptable to individual student interests, emphasizing historical traditions but also promoting reflection on the presence of the past in a fast-moving twenty-first-century world.

Taught by professors from several different departments, the MRS curriculum is fundamentally interdisciplinary; students learn about literary, artistic, musical and other historical traditions; develop foreign language abilities; and acquire analytical skills applicable to both ancient and modern artifacts, ranging from manuscripts to mp3s. The MRS major offers an excellent preparation for Humanities graduate programs, but also provides a useful and well-rounded education for any student who values history, culture and the arts in their broadest sense.

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Students engage with the thoughts, languages, political events and cultural environments of medieval and early modern history both in the western and non-western world. With the assistance of an advisor, students will tailor their curriculum to individual interests and academic goals.

courses you might take:

MEDREN 2666: Magic and Witch Craft in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

A study of the history of witchcraft and magic from 400 to 1700 C.E. within sociological, religious and intellectual contexts.

SCANDVN 3350: Norse Mythology and Medieval Culture

The myths of the Old Norse gods and the worldview and beliefs of pagan Scandinavia.

DANCE 2401: Western Concert Dance: Renaissance to Present

Includes European origins of classical ballet, Africanist contributions, postmodern impulses; looks at aesthetic, cultural, and political themes in the history of concert dance in America.

HISTART 2002: Western Art II: The Renaissance to the Present

Examination of the history of art in Europe and the United States, from 1400 to the present.



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