Neuroscience (BS)

The Neuroscience Signature Program is a joint venture by the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Medicine. Faculty from both colleges have created an outstanding curriculum that will allow students to investigate the organization, development and function of the nervous systems and their relationship to behavior, cognition, and disorders.

Combining diverse subjects such as psychology, biology, genetics, chemistry, biochemistry, physics and computer science, neuroscience offers students with a broad interest in many disciplines of science a place to develop their understanding of many fields of study. The neuroscience major is also popular with students pursuing careers in areas including (but not limited to): medicine, research, clinical psychology and pharmaceuticals.

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Lindsay Milich, neuroscience, talks about what makes neuroscience unique and student passion across campus.

Lindsay Milich, Neuroscience


A strong scientific education with a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience will prepare students for entry into many career fields and graduate/professional programs. The following are some of the fields that graduates with bachelor’s degrees in Neuroscience can enter: biomedical research, pharmaceutical sales, hospital administration, laboratory technician/management, public service, psychiatric assistance, teaching and technical writing.

courses you might take:

NEUROSC 4050: Neurogenetics

Takes a historical approach to gene discovery in neuroscience: spanning classic mutagenesis studies in simple invertebrate systems to the mapping and identification of neurological disease genes in humans, with stops along the way to explore unique genetic systems and studies, such as the Stanford dog narcolepsy project.

NEUROSC 3050: Structure and Function of the Nervous System

Basic principles of the anatomical and neurophysiological organization of the nervous system.

PSYCH 3312: Memory and Cognition

An introduction to experimental study of human memory and cognition.

PSYCH 4644: Hormones and Behavior

Exploration of the interactions among hormones, brain and behavior through an integrative approach.


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