Romance Studies (BA)

The major in Romance Studies is for students who wish to develop language skills and cultural awareness in three Romance languages (Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Romanian) and/or Latin.

Students select a primary, secondary and tertiary language and study abroad program in their primary language. This major is unique and designed for but not limited to students who have some background in a Romance language before coming to Ohio State and enjoy learning foreign languages and understanding foreign cultures. Students quickly realize that once you know one Romance language, learning the others is relatively easy.

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Multilingualism is a valued asset on the job market. Foreign language abilities are applicable in a variety of settings in the United States and abroad. The mastery of one or more languages allows students to consider careers in government, business, banking and finance, journalism, print and electronic media, foreign correspondence, the trade and tourism industries, and education.

courses you might take:

ITALIAN 5101: Italian for speakers of other Romance languages

Covers the same material in Italian 1101, 1102, 1103 and is designed for students with knowledge of a Romance language or Latin. Closed to native speakers of this language. Credit Hours: 5, satisfies the GE in foreign languages.

ITALIAN 5051: Latin and the Romance Languages

Examines the socio-historical factors and the linguistic processes that contributed to the formation of the Romance languages and their divergences. Course taught in English. Credit Hours 3, required for Romance Studies major, offered every two years.

SPANISH 4538: Language variation in Spanish

Survey of linguistic variation across the Spanish-speaking world, including geographical and social factors. Prereq: A grade of C- or above in 4430 (430) or 4430H (530H).

ITALIAN 3224: Post-Unification Italy

An exploration of the cultural history of Italy from unification to the present day. Develops language skills through discussing visual media, literature, and pop culture. Closed to native speakers of this language. Credit Hours: 3

FRENCH 3801: French-American Culture Wars

French-American cultural relations since World War I; an exploration of French reaction to and adoption or rejection of a number of American cultural "exports," from jazz and the GI to Coke and consumerism. Credit Hours: 3



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