Sexuality Studies (BA)

Sexuality Studies majors explore how social, historical, psychological, literary, legal, biological and political contexts shape sexual practices, expressions, identities and representations and investigates the ways in which sexuality is shaped by race, gender, class dis/ability, religion, nationality and ethnicity.

The major is closely tied to the Diversity & Identity Studies Collective at OSU (DISCO), a collaborative intellectual venture that explores the multiple dimensions of identity, culture, social difference and power within our increasingly complex national and global worlds.


Typically, graduates with a BA in Sexuality Studies will pursue a career related to the field, but some may choose to pursue graduate or professional education in the field or a related area. Graduate education may be easier to pursue for students who double major in sexuality studies and a related field, such as psychology, sociology or social work. A variety of career options are possible, including education, counseling, health services, social services, criminology and politically oriented work.

courses you might take:

PSYCH 2333: Psychology of Human Sexuality

Overview of the psychology of human sexuality including the nature and variety of human sexual experience, theories and therapies regarding sexual issues.

SOCIOL 3435 : Sociology of Gender

Analyzes multilevel processes that differentiate women and men in education, employment, and relationships. Examines variations in gendered experiences across race-ethnicity, social class, and sexuality.

ENGLISH 2282: Introduction to Queer Studies

Introduces and problematizes foundational concepts of the interdisciplinary field of queer studies, highlighting the intersections of sexuality with race, class, and nationality.

WGSS 4527: Studies in Gender and Cinema

Analysis of different film types focused on women to help students understand historical scope, theoretical frameworks, and reading strategies for understanding these films; topics vary.


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