Speech and Hearing Science (BA)

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech and Hearing Science teaches students about human speech, language and hearing as it prepares them to think critically about how people communicate with one another and experience the world around them. It is the study of normal and disordered functioning of the auditory system, the speech mechanism, and language processing. It is a diverse field which draws upon a number of other disciplines, including anatomy, physiology, psychology, linguistics, physics, engineering, medicine and education.​ 

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Speech-language pathologists and audiologists are professionals who work closely with teachers, physicians, psychologists, social workers, rehabilitation counselors and other members of an interdisciplinary team, but they are autonomous and do not work under direct medical supervision. They provide professional services in a wide range of facilities, including public and private schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing care facilities, community and university clinics, private practice offices, state and local health departments, home care, adult day care centers, centers for the developmentally disabled, research laboratories and industries.

courses you might take:

SPHHRNG 2230: Introduction to Communication and Its Disorders

Survey of the topics, methodologies and applications of speech and hearing science in normal and aberrant communication; lectures and readings.

SPHHRNG 3320: Principles of Phonetics

Provides articulatory and acoustic descriptions of speech sounds and a comparative study of phonetic transcription systems.

SPHHRNG 3340: Introduction to the Art and Science of Sound

Designed to teach the basic principles of acoustics to undergraduate students in the Arts and Sciences who have had little previous experience with math or biological and physical sciences. The student should gain an appreciation of the concepts underlying the generation, transmission and measurement of sound waves traveling through air.

SPHHRNG 3330: Language Acquisition

Introduction to language acquisition in normal children.

SPHHRNG 3350: Speech-Language Communication Across the Lifespan

Exploration of the development of communication skills throughout the life span and the consequences of communication disorders for individuals, their families and their communities.



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