Theatre (BA)

The Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts at Ohio State is committed to a liberal arts approach to theatre education. The Bachelor of Arts degree prepares students to become self-reliant theatre makers with a rich understanding of the role of performance in public culture.

There are four core aims in the undergraduate program:

  • To train our students to function as interpretive artists (actors, directors, dramaturgs, designers and technicians) and as generative artists (playwrights, devisers and solo performers) through rigorous coursework and laboratory experience in performance, playwriting and technical theatre.
  • To demonstrate the significance of vigorous, thoughtful scholarship and criticism that places performance in its historical and cultural contexts and pushes students to ask hard questions of the work they witness, study and create.
  • To integrate cutting-edge film, video, and media work into the study and production of live performance.
  • To prepare students to navigate professional lives in the field and its many cognates.

Fundamentally, the Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts believes that nurturing creativity while also fostering critical inquiry is essential to the creation of innovative live performance.

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With a Theatre BA, you can individualize your program, deciding when to take required courses to best suit your particular interests. And, you can customize your program of study to zero in on acting, new works development, design or technical theatre based on the ways you select from the rich array of electives. Because the program is flexible, students are able to take advantage of the breadth of courses available across Ohio State’s campus and regularly undertake minors, second majors, study abroad experiences, internships and senior honors or distinction projects.

courses you might take:

THEATRE 3921S: Creation of Outreach Theatre

The InterACT Theatre Project for Social Change is a collaborative project co-sponsored by the Department of Theatre and University Center for the Advancement of Teaching. Developed by Robin Post, InterACT uses the techniques of theatre to help university community members talk about difficult and complex issues in a safe and controlled environment. In InterACT, student actors collaborate to research a particular campus issue and craft a performance about it by enacting scenarios likely to occur on campus and in classrooms. Student actors then facilitate a conversation with the audience to expand dialogue surrounding the issue.

THEATRE 4921S: Performance Studies in Outreach Theatre

Use of improvisational acting techniques to develop the performance of an outreach touring theatre production.

Theatre 3815: Acting for the Camera

A practicum class focusing on the specific challenges of acting for the camera. In a studio setting and with a focus on the camera’s intimacy, we will use contemporary scenes to explore the particular technical and artistic demands of film, television and video acting. We will also investigate the possibilities of employing specific movement techniques to solve on-camera acting challenges. In addition, we will discuss the realities of working as a professional actor in film and television and video.


Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Many people assume that the theatre profession is limited to acting on stage or screen, but there are far more things that students with degrees in theatre learn how to do. Students have gone on to direct, design, and write for the theatre. They are also stage managers, theatre technicians, dramaturgs, box office managers, teaching artists, marketing managers, fundraisers and arts administrators. Some of them develop and tour their own work. They work in New York, in LA, and in regional theatres across the nation. But they also work in other fields where people with expertise in theatre are sought: theme parks, museums, digital media companies and educational institutions.

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