Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies (BA)

The Department of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) at Ohio State is one of the nation's top WGSS programs. The WGSS major is an interdisciplinary program that examines how systems of oppression, resistance and privilege operate. It is designed to provide students with an understanding of the importance of gender and sexuality as categories of analysis and their intersections with race, ethnicity, class, age, nationality and (dis)ability.

WGSS majors critique and analyze social, cultural, political, economic and scientific assumptions and practices that produce and maintain relations of inequality. WGSS students understand the ways in which people in all their diversity are affected by society, culture, and its institutions and can then affect social change.

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Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies graduates are involved in many types of work: counseling; affirmative action and gender equity; rape education and prevention services; domestic violence, substance abuse and health concerns; career development and job training; and planning and implementation of public policy.

courses you might take:

WGSST 1110: Gender, Sex and Power

This course introduces students to the study of gender, sex, and power, drawing on a variety of literatures to analyze gender, race, sexuality, and other identities. This course also places the study of U.S. women in broader transnational contexts.

WGSST 2215: Reading Women Writers

Study of women writers' strategies for articulating experiences and using literature as a lens for social reality and catalyst for social and political change.

WGSST 3317: Hollywood, Women and Film

A critical survey of the rep. of women in Hollywood cinema, examples drawn from the 1930's to present. Learn how film has functioned in its representation of women and how and why women film makers have created alternative visions of women in film.

WGSST 4403: Gender and Leadership

Focuses on how gender can influence who becomes a leader, the styles of leadership they employ, and how effective leaders can be.

WGSST 4845: Gender, Sexuality and Science

Examination of relations between gender and science; topics include gendering of "science" and "nature," biological theories of sexual inequality, feminist critiques of science and technology.



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