World Literatures (BA)

The World Literatures major is designed for students who are interested in both literature and globalization. In this new major, students are encouraged to explore a wide range of literary texts in English translation produced across major geo-political regions of the world: Africa; East and South Asia and the Pacific Islands; Europe and North America; Latin America and the Caribbean; and the Middle East. Advanced study of a foreign language is encouraged, but is not required to complete the major.

As a World Literatures major, you will develop critical and analytical skills through close readings of representative literary texts and also through the study of historical and theoretical questions related to:

  • the translation and transmission of literary works
  • the cultural and historical contexts of literary production
  • the roles of literature in the contemporary world

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Like students majoring in other disciplines in the College of Arts and Sciences, students majoring in world literatures develop skills in critical thinking and verbal communication that are essential to many positions in government and other service institutions, in business and industry, and in education. The world literatures major also prepares students to further their education in professional schools and in graduate degree programs in the humanities.

courses you might take:

COMPSTD 3603: Love in World Literature

Selected representations of love in different cultures and time periods.

COMPSTD 3608: Representations of the Experience of War

Representations of war in works of literature, religious texts, and film from diverse cultures and time periods.

COMSTD 2301: Introduction to World Literature

Analysis of oral and written literatures of diverse cultures and historical periods.

COMPSTD 3607: Film and Literature as Narrative Art

Relationships between film and literature; emergence of cinematic art as a form of representation with emphasis on diverse cultural traditions.

COMPSTD 3302: Translating Literatures and Cultures

Introduction to issues and problems inherent to translating literatures and cultures.



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