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Book Club: Beloved

August 5, 2020

This is the Department of English faculty's third Book Club event. The faculty-led discussion was about Toni Morrison's Beloved.

The books were the most popular titles selected by more than one hundred Department of English alumni in our “Top Ten Book List” survey.

Event Hosts:

Koritha Mitchell, associate professor, Department of English

Jim Phelan, Distinguished University Professor, Director of Medical Humanities and Director of Project Narrative

Effect of COVID-19 on Mobility

July 29, 2020

Faculty and industry experts have a conversation about the potential implications of COVID-19 on the design of our communities and various modes of transportation including air travel, personal vehicles, public transit, micro-mobility and ride-hailing services.


  • Chris Atkinson, Director, The Ohio State University Smart Mobility Program
  • Jennifer Clark, Professor and Section Head, City and Regional Planning
  • Harvey Miller, Reusche Chair in Geographic Information Science; Director, Center for Urban and Regional Analysis
  • Sophia Mohr, Chief Innovation Officer, Central Ohio Transit Authority
  • Stephanie Morgan, Executive Director, Air Transportation and Aerospace Campus
  • Giorgio Rizzoni, Center for Automative Research, Ford Motor Company Chair, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

American Sign Language: Everywhere for Everyone

July 20, 2020

This is a webinar discussion about the American Sign Language program at The Ohio State University and beyond. Learn about the work of Certified Deaf Interpreter Marla Berkowitz, service-learning initiatives of the American Sign Language program and much more.

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

July 14, 2020

Join Dr. Ruchika Prakash, director of the Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Brain Imaging, as she explains the definition of mindfulness, its key facets and her latest research on this topic.

Book Club: Middlemarch

July 1, 2020

This is the Department of English faculty's second Book Club event. It is a thought provoking discussion about George Eliot's Middlemarch.

The books were the most popular titles selected by more than one hundred Department of English alumni in our “Top Ten Book List” survey.

Event Hosts:

  • Aman Garcha, associate professor
  • Jill Galvan, associate professor

Microbiology’s Fight Against COVID-19

June 17, 2020

This is a virtual panel discussion featuring experts from the Department of Microbiology hosted by Michael Ibba, professor and chair. Learn about current research and response on COVID-19, and COVID-19 testing and public health concerns.


  • Michael Oglsebee, director, Infectious Disease Institute
  • Jeff Jahnes, director, Center for Applied Microbiology
  • Irina Artsimovitch, professor, Department of Microbiology
  • Matt Anderson, assistant professor, Department of Microbiology

Book Club: Pride and Prejudice

June 3, 2020

The Department of English faculty host the first Book Club event will a compelling conversation about Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

The books were the most popular titles selected by more than one hundred Department of English alumni in our “Top Ten Book List” survey.

Event Hosts:

  • Jamison Kantor, assistant professor
  • Clare Simmons, professor

Early Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic and Policy Responses on Labor Markets

May 27, 2020

The Department of Economics discusses a range of ongoing research projects estimating the impact of COVID-19 and policy responses on the labor market.

Featured Speakers:

  • Rebecca McKibbin, postdoctoral researcher in economics, The Ohio State University; lecturer in economics, University of Sydney
  • Bruce A. Weinberg, professor of economics and public affairs, The Ohio State University

COVID-19 and Election 2020: Change and Stability In U.S. Electoral Politics

May 13, 2020

The Department of Political Science will take you through the various opportunities for change and stability in the 2020 election.

Tom Wood, assistant professor of Political Science; author, False Alarm: The Truth About Political Mistruth in the Trump Era (2020) and Enchanted America (2018)


  • Jon Green, graduate student in political science and co-founder of the think tank Data for Progress
  • Abigail Kielty, graduate student in political science working on misinformation and nature of appeals congressional elections
  • Kaitlin McClamrock, graduate student in political science working on misinformation, gender, and political attitudes
  • Sean Trende, PhD candidate, political science, and columnist for Real Clear Politics; author, The Lost Majority: Why the Future of Government Is Up for Grabs - and Who Will Take It (2012)

Pandemics: Past, Present, Future

May 7, 2020

From Plague to Influenza and HIV, learn about the history of global pandemics from Department of History faculty to better understand the current Coronavirus pandemic.


  • John Brooke, Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of History; professor of anthropology; director, Ohio State University Center for Historical Research
  • Jim Harris, lecturer, history
  • Thomas McDow, associate professor, history
  • Erin Moore, post doctoral research scientist, Heilbrunn Department of Population & Family Health, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health
  • Kristina Sessa, associate professor, history