ASC Alumni Society Board

The Arts and Sciences Alumni Society Board consists of representatives from the arts, humanities, natural and mathematical sciences, and social and behavioral sciences.

Members of the Alumni Society board.

Front row, left to right: Shreya Modi, Nancy Lashutka, Susan Munthe, Leslie Becker.
Back row, left to right: Derek Whiddon, Eric Burgess, Scott Gale, Bonnie Daneker, David Mandersheid, Dennis Baer, Kevin Humphries, Craig Friedman.
Not pictured: Jennifer Cefaratti, Tricia Fairman, Michael Sponhour, Dr. George Kalbouss, Danielle Pivovar.

Alumni Association Membership

Ohio State Alumni Membership Open to All Graduates 

Membership in the Ohio State Alumni Association is now open to all graduates; individuals who have earned associate, bachelor, graduate, professional or honorary degrees from Ohio State, as well as medical resident graduates of the university. There are now three levels of membership: Life Members, Sustaining Members and Basic Members.

Life Members

The opportunity to purchase life memberships was discontinued at the end of June 2012; however, Life Members who joined before then will retain their full benefits.

Sustaining Members

The annual and associate membership categories have been discontinued. Graduates can now become Sustaining Members through annual gifts of at least $75 to any Ohio State fund(s), including funds in the College of Arts and Sciences. See complete list of Arts and Sciences funds.

An entire annual gift does not have to go to one fund. Cumulative giving will be tracked over a calendar year, and when gifts equal or exceed $75, the donor will become a Sustaining Member. Sustaining Members will be eligible for premium benefits, including a year’s subscription to the print version of Ohio State Alumni Magazine and eligibility for the annual football ticket lottery.

Graduates and non-graduates who were members of the Ohio State Alumni Association as of July 1, 2012, can continue as Sustaining Members with an annual gift of $75 or more to the university.

Basic Members

Graduates who do not choose to make an annual gift of $75 or more will become basic members and will receive affinity products, an online magazine, and other benefits. They will not be eligible to participate in the football ticket lottery.

Football Lottery Eligibility

Football lottery eligibility will be based on an alumnus’s previous year of giving. To be eligible for the 2015 lottery, graduates must be Sustaining Members as of December 31, 2014.


Call: (800) 762-5646 or (614) 292-2281

The Ohio State University Alumni Association, Inc.
Membership Office
2200 Olentangy River Rd.
Columbus, OH 43210-1035

Arts and Sciences Alumni Society Board Members

The Arts and Sciences Alumni Society Board consists of representatives from the arts, humanities, natural and mathematical sciences, and social and behavioral sciences.

Board officers and members are:

  • President: Scott Gale (International Studies, 1990)
    Chief Deputy Clerk of Courts, Akron Municipal Court
  • Vice President: Craig Friedman (Journalism, 1989)
    VP, Senior Manager, Media Relations, PNC Financial Services Group, Inc
  • Immediate Past President; Chair, Nominating Committee: Susan Munthe (Political Science, 1974)
    Lakani World Tours-Custom Tour Designer
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Jennifer Cefaratti (Communication 1998, Music Ed 2003)
    Regional Vice President, 1st National Bank
  • Reunion and Tailgate Committee Chair: Eric Burgess (Microbiology, 1994)
    Regional Business Director, Medical Genetics Laboratories, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Young Alumni Committee Chair: Shreya Modi (Biology, 2005)
    Pediatric Dentist
  • Career Services Committee Chair: Dennis Baer (Mathematics, 1977)
    Section Head, Naval Center for Cost Analysis
  • Communication and Outreach Committee Chair: Michael Sponhour (Journalism, History, 1989)
    Executive Director of Communications and Outreach, Ohio Department of Education
  • Awards and Honors Committee Chair: Tricia Fairman (Music Education, 2009)
    Oregon State University Foundation, Violin Teacher
  • Scholarship Committee Chair: Bonnie Daneker (Journalism, 1989)
    CEO, Write Advisors
  • Member At-large: Nancy Lashutka (Medical Technology, 1966)
    Retired Health Care Administrator
  • Member At-large: Leslie Becker (Fine Arts, 1980)
    CEO, 32nd St. Media
  • Member At-large: Kevin Humphries (English, 2009)
  • Faculty Student Representative: Dr. George Kalbouss
  • Undergraduate Student Representatives: Derek Whiddon (Political Science, Economics, 2018) and Danielle Pivovar (Biology, 2018)

Committee Descriptions

  • Awards & Honors Committee: Facilitate search and nomination process for Arts and Sciences nominees for the various college and university-level alumni awards; look for ways to recognize faculty and staff with honors and awards; manage society progress toward eligibility for Alumni Association Society Awards. 
  • Career Services Committee: Develop programs for alumni to provide career advice to Arts and Sciences current students and recent graduates; discover the evolving needs of students and interests of alumni in this area; focus on inclusive career mentoring opportunities for students and alumnae residing within and outside of Columbus; encourage diversity in all aspects of Arts and Sciences programming.
  • Communications & Outreach Committee: Share information about the progress of the college and opportunities to connect with students, faculty and other alumni; discover new areas for alumni engagement and outreach; provide suggestions to college leadership about the communications needs of alumni.
  • Scholarship Committee: Promote the alumni society scholarships to the eligible students; collect, review and select student scholarship recipients annually; engage scholarship recipients in alumni society activities; develop fundraising strategies for increasing funds.  
  • Student Programming Committee: Develop programs for establishing a direct connection between alumni and current students in the College of Arts and Sciences; assist the college with student recruitment, career mentoring, and other opportunities for alumni volunteers; participate in welcome events and commencement activities hosted by alumni for students. 
  • Tailgate and Reunion Committee: Assist college alumni staff with planning and implementation of the annual tailgate and reunion; discover the interests of alumni and students in engagement around Homecoming events on campus; plan and implement the annual silent auction fundraiser to benefit the scholarship fund endowments. 
  • Young Alumni Committee: Implement activities online and in-person to encourage alumni networking across generations of Buckeyes; create strategy for engaging young alumni through events and social media; discover needs and interests of the young alumni.
  • Regional Ambassador Committee: Advise the society board and college alumni staff for regional engagement and recruitment outside of Ohio; serve as resources for students and alumni interested in relocating to other regions; assist with planning and implementation of regional receptions and events for in-person local engagement of college alumni; serve on other committees as appropriate for alumni outside of Ohio such as the student programming committee, scholarship committee, and awards and honors committee.
  • At Large Committee: Assists the board in identifying additional ways to engage alumni in support of Ohio State through new programming or participating in university programs that are of interest to our alumni.  Participates in committee projects as needed.


Madeline Khurma, Assistant Director of Alumni and Donor Relations, College of Arts and Sciences
425 Stillman Hall, 1947 College Road, Columbus, OH 43210
(614) 688-6359