Arts & Culture in ASC

The arts at Ohio State are bold, innovative and engaging. They make our university stronger and more vibrant.

Ohio State has a strong commitment to invigorate the arts on campus by investing in the evolving Arts District at 15th Avenue and High Street. This Arts District serves as the front door to the university, and advances our academic mission, physically integrating the arts into a revitalized presence on High Street, and creating a dynamic hub of artistic, educational, social and commercial interchange.

A major part of our mission is to champion the arts and promote an atmosphere for students and faculty that inspires creativity and excellence, while providing opportunities for them to share their many talents with communities on campus and beyond. Today, we are aggressively pushing ahead to promote and strengthen the arts on campus and intensifying new ties with leading arts organizations in our community, as well as forging ties with national and international partners.

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    Performing Arts

    The performing arts at Ohio State cultivate a vibrant environment where unlimited opportunities exist for creativity, free expression, real-world experience, strong traditions and community engagement.

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    Visual Art & Design

    The visual arts and design at Ohio State provide dynamic opportunities for study, research, experimentation, community engagement and art making.

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    Culture & the Humanities

    By exploring the humanities, students learn to think creatively, critically and independently; to read powerfully; write precisely; speak articulately and ask questions. 

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    Arts and Culture Departments & Centers

    The arts and humanities are at the core of the College of Arts and Sciences, offering bold, innovative and creative arts on campus and beyond, and a broad-based collection of scholarly study in the humanities.

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    Galleries, Museums & Collections 

    The College of Arts and Sciences is home to a diverse group of museums, collections and libraries showcasing everything from ancient archaeological finds and bug collections to theatre costumes and playbills.

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