Culture & and the Humanities

A diverse humanities curriculum has been a vital component of Ohio State academics since the beginning. University founders believed a strong basis in the humanities was essential preparation for the future.

Studies prove them right; nothing allows you to take on challenges better than an education including humanities. They open windows into other worlds, ideas and cultures, offering a deeper perspective from which to view the present and imagine the future. Additionally, you sharpen skills invaluable for success in any career: the ability to think logically; read critically, write powerfully, create and meaningfully engage with the world.


Each year arts and humanities faculty who have been newly promoted to the rank of professor are invited to present a public lecture about their research, current projects and creative activities.

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Humanities & Arts Research

The arts and humanities are the cultural heart of the university and home to a passionate community of art, literature, language, culture and history scholars making significant contributions in their own fields and in interdisciplinary endeavors. Research and scholarship in the arts and humanities are indispensable for generating new ideas and new ways of thinking.

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Languages and Cultures

Ohio State's Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures brings together experts from throughout the university and around the world to promote understanding of diverse cultures, expand competence in foreign languages and investigate the impact and creative potential in established and emerging media technologies.