Galleries, Museums, Collections and Libraries

In the College of Arts and Sciences, you'll have access to a diverse group of galleries, museums, collections and libraries showcasing everything from dynamic new works of art, ancient archaeological finds and insect collections to vast music recordings, theatre costumes and playbills. Many of these resources are also open to the public. A sampling is below.

Fine Arts Library

The Fine Arts Library welcomes patrons from Ohio State and the broader community. Their resources are designed to advance research and study of the visual arts, including but not limited to studio arts, curatorial practice, history of art, design, art administration and art education. The library is home to more than 150,000 volumes of arts-related material from all over the world. The library is located within the Wexner Center for the Arts.

Hopkins Hall Gallery

Located in the heart of Ohio State's campus within the Arts District, Hopkins Hall Gallery hosts exhibitions highlighting the work of students, faculty, staff, departments and other campus initiatives that generate collaboration, conversation and artistic growth. Hopkins Hall Gallery also works in conjunction with Urban Arts Space, a gallery and creative space located in downtown Columbus. 

Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute

The Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute serves as an archive for performers, playwrights, choreographers, designers, producing organizations and theatre and dance companies, among others, and advances the study and inspiration of the performing arts.

Museum of Biological Diversity

The Museum of Biological Diversity (MBD) comprises the extensive and varied biological specimen collections at Ohio State and is open to the public one Saturday in February each year. 

Museum of Classical Archaeology

MOCA is located in Dulles Hall and is a cooperative undertaking of the Departments of Classics, History and History of Art. The museum is designed to provide a significant focus for ongoing teaching, research and outreach in a number of areas within the University. Classical Archaeology is also by definition interdisciplinary, and courses involving it are already being conducted in several departments within the University. The Museum supports research, teaching and outreach in these departments (and others as well) and provides a high-visibility facility for the University, schools in Ohio and the general public.

Music and Dance Library

Permanently located in the 18th Avenue Library, the Music and Dance Library includes music scores and parts, books and periodicals on music and dance, and sound and video recordings. The online collection includes music and dance research databases, and streaming audio and video recordings. The library holds approximately 80,000 disc and tape recordings, 130,000 books and scores, 12,000 serials, 5,600 microfilms and a large collection of DVD and VHS videos. 

Orton Geological Museum

Located in Orton Hall on the south edge of the Oval, the museum is open weekdays and has a wide collection of fossils, minerals and rocks from Ohio and around the world. It holds more than 54,000 numbered specimens and is visited by scholars from around the world. The displays and collections are an important part of many Ohio State University courses. The museum is also open to the public.

Urban Arts Space

Located in the heart of downtown Columbus in the historic Lazarus Building, Urban Arts Space is a gallery and reciprocal learning space for students, faculty and staff of The Ohio State University, as well as the Columbus community at large. Through an extensive and diverse slate of exhibitions, educational programs, outreach and events Urban Arts Space serves as a community resource and is an integral part of Columbus’s vibrant arts and culture scene. Programming is always free.

Other Galleries Around Campus

Thompson Library

Thompson Library Gallery, exhibits from the Libraries' special collections.

Hale Black Cultural Center Gallery

Hale Black Cultural Center Gallery is one of the largest Black art collections in the United States and recognized by the Association of Black Culture Centers as one of the top five in the country, the Hale Center’s artwork illustrates the Black experience through nationally-recognized artists.

Bricker Hall Gallery

Bricker Hall Gallery. First and second floors, Bricker Hall. Features university collections, artifacts, and the work of university artists, sculptors and artisans.

Faculty Club Gallery

The Faculty Club Gallery highlights some of the finest artists in the country, all with ties to Ohio State.

Banvard Gallery

The Banvard Gallery is dedicated to thought-provoking exhibitions with particular relevance to the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, and city and regional planning.