Partners & Initiatives

Arts and cultural activities bring people together, enhance the quality of our lives, increase our understanding of the world and each other, impact the economy and shape our community. The college seeks out partners for creative collaborations on campus, in our community and throughout the world.

Arts Initiative

The College of Arts and Sciences at Ohio State seeks out partners for creative collaborations on campus, in central Ohio, and the world through initiatives and partnerships. The Arts Initiative supports a global community of arts educators through collaborative alliances with state, national, and international organizations advancing the daily impact of the arts on the city of Columbus. The Arts Initiative serves as an umbrella for multiple aspects of the arts on and off campus including four major projects and spaces: Urban Arts Space, Hopkins Hall Gallery, the Ohio State University/Royal Shakespeare Company partnership, and the Town and Gown Committee for the Arts.

Town and Gown

The Town and Gown Committee for the Arts was created to advise the Arts Initiative at Ohio State and the College of Arts and Sciences in its efforts to engage with the greater Columbus community, with representatives from local businesses and corporations as well as Columbus arts organizations groups that will develop a connection between the University, City of Columbus, businesses and art organizations and local residents.

Royal Shakespeare Company Partnership

The Ohio State University and Great Britain’s Royal Shakespeare Company have partnered to make Ohio State a destination for the innovative teaching, research and performance of Shakespeare. Members of both organizations promote the appreciation of Shakespeare throughout the international community by training K-12 teachers in Ohio; graduate students at Ohio State in English, Theatre and Department of Teaching and Learning; and faculty across the nation.

Arts District

In the College of Arts and Sciences a major part of our mission is to champion the arts and promote an atmosphere for our students and faculty that inspires creativity and excellence, while providing opportunities for them to share their many talents with communities on campus and beyond. Today, we are aggressively pushing ahead to promote and strengthen the arts on campus and intensifying new ties with leading arts organizations in our community, as well as forging new ties with national and international partners.