Following up on comments and conversation on Tuesday, February 13, on the ASC Engagement Program Report and Assessment, the college would like to convene a Task Force and several Working Groups. Please send names of faculty, staff, or post-doctoral/MFA appointees who would be interested and available to serve in one of the following areas to Valarie Williams, professor and Associate Dean for Outreach and Engagement, by March 9, 2018.

ASC Engagement Task Force and Working Group Areas:

Engaged Scholarship and Reward and Recognition: 

  • Identifying and defining engaged scholarship
  • Reward and recognition

Broader Impact and Shared Infrastructure, including STEM: 

  • Identify mechanisms for aiding Broader Impacts statements
  • Help promote and provide access to information on activities that surround Broader Impacts
  • Collaborate on formalized help with Broader Impact statements and implementation

Organizational Support/Promotion: 

  • Identify themes and content for workshops, information sessions, roundtable discussions, etc. for faculty and staff alike who are interested in learning from each other and will profit from establishing collaborative groups. 

Teaching and Learning Activities, including K-12 and Recruitment:

  • Faculty and community work together to collaborate and coordinate on Service-Learning Courses in Arts and Sciences and
  • Propose inclusion in the newly developing General Education curriculum. 
  • Sharing of structures to other interested units would encourage and provide a framework for new programs and educational outreach for many middle school and high school summer camps, and k-12 outreach and engagement activities.
  • There is a shared desire for help with promotion and communication of programs, and
  • Shared desire for making and maintaining contacts and relationships with Columbus City Schools, area school districts in Franklin county, and state-wide.

Alumni and Engagement Advisory Councils/Incentive Program: 

  • Discussions and brainstorming methods for successful engagement of interested donors and alumni
  • Identify initiatives in the college for engaging donors in the concept of Outreach and Engagement at the college level.

On campus and off campus partnerships: 

  • Work with university offices that house aspects of engagement and meaningful partnerships to leverage support and resources for college activities and university-wide engagement activities of which ASC leads, including aspects of Corporate Engagement (Accelerator Awards, start-ups, IP, industry),
  • city and government partnerships,
  • and large-scale outreach projects such as Breakfast of Science Champions, West Campus STEM Day, etc.