Dancing with the Stars


Paul Sutter is everywhere, seemingly, at once. The engaging astrophysicist makes us understand that we ARE made from stars, answers our pressing cosmological questions (such as, “What would happen if I fell into a black hole?”) and makes us want more through his phenomenal public outreach — from his “Space in Your Face” YouTube channel to his “Ask a Spaceman” podcast to, now, dance.

Yes, dance.

Paul Sutter's Song of the Stars: A Dance Experience of Cosmic Proportions
Always looking for novel connections, Sutter’s collaboration with Seven Dance Company, Song of the Stars: A Dance Experience of Cosmic Proportions, the story of a star in a one-hour modern dance performance, debuted at the Capital Theater on April 21. 

Sutter, a former Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics (CCAPP) postdoctoral researcher, now proves he can be in two places at once. Named CCAPP cosmological research and community outreach coordinator, and the Center of Science and Industry’s (COSI) chief scientist, he splits his time between the two.      

In both worlds, Sutter will continue to connect us to research — Sutter is a world-leading expert on cosmic voids, the vast empty spaces between galaxies — and keep us focused on the stars.