'Artists find a way'

Dear friends of the arts at Ohio State,

None of us is untouched by the pandemic that threatens, it sometimes seems, to swallow our world almost whole. But while the measure of personal, social, economic and cultural transformation effected within our lives over these past few weeks and across the coming months can’t be predicted and has yet to be made, we are, nonetheless, still here, even if immeasurably changed.

We, in this instance, are the arts at Ohio State. Our familiar workplaces, materials and colleagues are no longer close at hand. Like everybody else, we’re still figuring this thing out. But we are not gone. We haven’t stopped. We haven’t even paused.

Over the next months, the College of Arts and Sciences will be sharing this virtual gallery of highlights from the wide variety of new and continuing forms of creative experimentation and imaginative expression recently generated by Ohio State students, faculty and alumni in the arts.

You may wonder, “What can artists do in a period of ‘social distancing’?” Here you’ll discover a few of our answers, as well as some of our questions. We hope you enjoy them (applause welcome).

Michael Mercil
Faculty Fellow for Arts and Humanities
Professor, Department of Art

Virtual arts gallery pieces

None of us imagined ourselves in the current situation. I’ll admit that as a faculty member of almost a certain age, I had not embraced online teaching. I love being with my students in a classroom or studio. As the emergency situation progressed and announcements were made, I had no idea how we would move our deeply embodied work online. But after a few Zoom meetings with faculty and grad students sharing their brilliant ideas about how to be artists, scholars and teachers in this new situation, I was profoundly moved.

Of course, artists find a way! We always have! The arts are where we go for inspiration, emotional connections, love, hope, joy and escape.

-Nadine George-Graves
 Chair, Department of Dance

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Virtual arts gallery pieces